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Dominaria saw the release of many sweeeet cards, espcially many legendary creatures on even the uncommon rarity. I was intially the most excited for Muldrotha, the Gravetide, but when Tatyova, Benthic Druid showed up on the spoiler list, I could only think of one thing: ''How is this thing not rare''!? Firstly, she sported the color combination of my first ever Magic deck, and what has since been my favorite color combination. Secondly, her ability litterally reeked of value, so there was just no way I could refrain from asking the beatiful merfolk lady to be my partner in crime!

Since the release of the set, I have played multiple games with her at the helm, making minor and major tweaks along the way. The deck seeks to mainly abuse Tatyova's ability as much as possible, acrruing tons of free value that we natrually obtain enough mana to cast while we draw. Currently, Retreat to Coralhelm or Craterhoof Behemoth are our main win conditions.

As a rule of thumb, you never cast Tatyova, Benthic Druid without having the ability to at least play one land beside her, as her getting removed before you get value of off her is really going to hamper the gameplan. If she nets you anywhere between 2-10 cards before going down, you likley have more than enough mana to cast her again and again to always have her ability in play. When you have gained a decent amount of tokens, you try and get a hold of Craterhoof Behemoth for a giant blowout. If you draw into Retreat to Coralhelm and you have any combination of a ''put land into play'' creature and Trade Routes effect, you should be able to get infinte mana and draw. From there, you cast Psychosis Crawler and try and kill everyone off. Cast Time Spiral if Psychosis crawler is at the bottom of the deck or you need to draw more cards to end the game (remember to put some lands back in so you have a library to draw from ;)). Or put Laboratory Maniac into deck for an easy win, though I dislike him personally. Psychosis Crawler can be sacrificed to Greater Good, and can deal damage outside of combo as well. Laboratory Maniac has no other use other than looking funny :P.

The deck includes only a light amount of tutors, mostly because there are a lot of cards I want to play in it, and the tutors would take the spots of those cards. Furhtermore, our commander also draws an absurd amount of cards for us, meaning all the other cards in the deck only need to synergize with her for the deck to function. As such, we do not necessarily need to get a specific card to do well, any card that allows Tatyova to draw more cards is a good draw. It also spices the game up a bit, making it so that we get to play many different and fun cards, and our oppenents do not have to look at us getting the same card with a tutor all the time.

The maybeboard is mostly either cards I do not currently have or am considering as future inclusions. Since Tatyova interacts with the most basic mechanic in the game, there are TONS of cards that can be put in here and do a lot of work. I am intending to aqquire a copy of Amulet of Vigor, as it combos with Patron of the Moon for an additonal outlet of infinte draw and mana. Additionally, Concordant Crossroads helps enable tons of combos and token wins, so this card is definetly getting included as soon as I can get my hands on one.

Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments. Considering how many cards can work with her, I would not be surprised if I missed some.


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