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Golem Horde deck, designed to be thematic more than killer. By that I mean, this is a deck where you are basically fighting a golem army/uprising, so while there may be better cards to use in a horde deck that features so many artifacts, if it doesn't fit with the theme of a robot army, I'm not using it.

Also, with the group I play with, we use house rules that Golem Foundry will trigger off of Golem tokens pulled off the deck, but not any other tokens produced by other cards, giving it a numbers ramp similar to what Endless Ranks of the Undead does to Zombie Horde.

The one Precursor Golem is a boon to the players as it gives them the ability to wipe the horde with one kill spell, while the Vital Splicers are a bane.

I avoided any Golem able to regenerate themselves as well as ones with Indestructible so as to not be a jerk. Not all decks have the ability to deal with a regenerating or indestructible creature, and since all creatures in play have to be removed to win, this makes a unwinable situation for some decks. However since Vital Splicer can not regenerate itself, that makes it a big target since he has to die before you can take out anything in the army.


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