We have a casual Double Tap group. Which is to say: we tap cards and beer kegs. Drink and game, every Monday, in downtown Portland Oregon. Casual Legacy group, with leanings toward Modern/Standard due to budgets/card availability/length of play.

This week, I'll be unveiling this brew, but it's still in need of a lot of work. The major theme is around Angels, flickering and Emeria, The Sky Ruin which will dredge out of my graveyard, targets which Sun Titan can't snag.

Open to comments and further exploration.

Note: The Enchantments are in the grey area as well. The Luminarch Ascension is in place, because I've had incredible success with the Seraph Sanctuary s in lieu of Pristine Talismans. But, everything is on the table.


I will be testing out whether to utilize 2x Pristine Talismans or 2x Mycosynth Wellsprings. My gut is telling me that the Pristines will suffice for holding aggro at bay, but I'm also on the fence on the need for ramp into 7x Plains for Emeria, The Sky Ruin


pheonix_222 says... #1

Looks pretty fun.

Since you are playing with the same guys every week you probably have a decent idea what you are going up against, that being said Ghostly Prison , Leyline of Sanctity and maybe even your board wipe are /usually/ sideboard material, they are great cards don't get me wrong, but they can be dead draws against some decks which can suck. Maybe even put them in the Sideboard and side them in G1 if you are sure you are going up against RDW or Splinter Twin or whatever.

You should consider getting rid of some of your 3-drops for more 1 and 2, looking at your mana curve it seems pretty likely that you wont have much to do on early turns.

Herald of War seems a bit lackluster. You don't get very much benefit from having her out, humans get a little cheaper, but I doubt you'd have many in your hand after you get to cast and attack with her, the deck doesn't have the draw power to really take advantage.

I prefer Suture Priest to Inquisitor Exarch , it will net you more life and damage in the long run.

I also prefer Soul Warden to Cathedral Sanctifier , it gets you life when your opponent's creatures enter as well, should get you more life in the long run, especially against some decks.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant is also one of the best planeswalkers printed if you can get your hands on her.

Flicker is a great mechanic, and ETB effects are a powerful thing to exploit, however I don't think you have good enough cards to take advantage of. including more powerful enter the battlefield effects might help, like Captain of the Watch , Blade Splicer , . Personally I'd think about removing the flicker entirely and focus less on ETB effects and more on beating face and controlling the board directly. Dropping Emancipation Angel and Restoration Angel would free up more room for more powerful cards like Hero of Bladehold and Spectral Procession

My favorite cards for mono white:

Student of Warfare - fantastic T1 play, 3/3 first strike on turn 2! getting this guy out late game is awesome as well he's basically a 4/4 double strike for 5.

Brave the Elements - Can not recommend this card enough. Main use is to make everything unblockable for the final blow, but can be used in a pinch to make an evil spell fizzle.

Path to Exile - one of the best removal cards ever printed, I'd consider running a set of these over as much board wipe.

Honor of the Pure - This is the card that makes mono-white possible. Immediate boost to all your dudes for 2 mana, most decks won't have answers for it. And even then, them using a 3-5 cost spell to get rid of a 2-drop enchantment always puts a smile on my face.

July 16, 2012 2:03 p.m.

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