We have a casual Double Tap group. Which is to say: we tap cards and beer kegs. Drink and game, every Monday, in downtown Portland Oregon. Casual Legacy group, with leanings toward Modern/Standard due to budgets/card availability/length of play.

This week, I'll be unveiling this brew, but it's still in need of a lot of work. The major theme is around Angels, flickering and Emeria, The Sky Ruin which will dredge out of my graveyard, targets which Sun Titan can't snag.

Open to comments and further exploration.

Note: The Enchantments are in the grey area as well. The Luminarch Ascension is in place, because I've had incredible success with the Seraph Sanctuary s in lieu of Pristine Talismans. But, everything is on the table.


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I will be testing out whether to utilize 2x Pristine Talismans or 2x Mycosynth Wellsprings. My gut is telling me that the Pristines will suffice for holding aggro at bay, but I'm also on the fence on the need for ramp into 7x Plains for Emeria, The Sky Ruin


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