The prettiest deck in modern.

4 Scapeshift : The big boy. The one card combo. The whole reason we play this deck. Sac'ing 7 lands and getting Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and 6 other mountains allows us to deal 18 damage to our opponent. If we throw in another valakut it will double that damage.

4 Sakura-Tribe Elder : I love steve. Allows us to block and then sac so we take no damage and provides us with some solid ramp. Snake beats for 1 damage is real.

2 Snapcaster Mage : Flashbacks much needed control. I have found a sweet spot with 2, but 3 might be possible.

4 Cryptic Command : I prefer to have this guy at 3. But I think 4 will be the next move I do. We are the best Ccommand deck because we are able to get to 5 mana as soon as turn 3. Color fixing is our specialty and having these is a must.

4 Remand : Cantrips and allows us to timewalk our opponent until we can get the combo. Definite 4 of.

3 Lightning Bolt : What needs to be said. One red to get rid of a small creature or burn for 3. Best card is best. Allows us to put our opponent below 18 if we need to.

1 Electrolyze : Cantrips, possible 2-1's, and could also double as straight burn to the face. So fare I like it at 1.

1 Anger of the Gods : Red's boardwipe. Exiling persist and undying critters is always good. Helps out a lot against the aggro matchup. May have 2 mb

1 Sweltering Suns : Red's 2nd boardwipe. I have concluded with a 1/1 split of this and Anger because in matchup where we don't want a red sweeper we are able to cycle away the card. Plus having a split means we do not get blown out by Meddling Mage.

1 Supreme Will : RUGshift lists always want options. This card can give us some of the two most relevant abilities in modern. If we have this early, its a more costly mana leak. If we have it late, it becomes a higher costed Impulse. Good card that currently gives us a lot of wiggle room. Could be cut in the future.

1 Repeal : Just like above, great for problem permanents. Can even bounce a token and draw for 1 blue.

1 Izzet Charm : Not the king, but most certainly the jack of all. Does everything we need.

4 Search for Tomorrow : Great ramp, our ideal turn 1 play is this card. With this and a tribe elder for turn 1 and 2 we are able to get 5 mana by turn 3. Helps with cryptic mana and even lets us cast it for 3 if we are really in a pinch. Great card for Scapeshift.

2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor : This could and very well should be a 3 of. I currently own 2. Jace gives us an alternate win condition and much needed card filtering. He even is able to bounce problematic creature (and our own a pinch). Great card and he will continue to shape Modern.

1 Search for Azcanta  Flip: In testing this one of has been solid. I may remove it for something else though. A control deck with raw card advantage is great. While we do not want to bin our own lands or Scapeshifts...this gives us some needed card filtering. This can also act as a pseudo Farseek late game.

1 Farseek : I wanted to round out the ramp spells to a total of 9.

2 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle : We need these out when going for the combo. This plus 6 mountains equals 18 damage. You can also double the valakuts sac'ing 8 lands and do a total of 36 damage.

4 Misty Rainforest : Being mainly a UG deck requires us to run 4 of these. With the newly added Jace we will be able to shuffle away unneeded cards.

4 Steam Vents : 4 of. We need to feed mountains to valakut.

4 Stomping Ground : Just like above, we need the mountains

1 Cinder Glade : With the printing of this card we shaved one basic Mountain in order to run another green source. It is able to be fetched painlessly as long as we have 2 basic lands. This is easy for us to do.

1 Flooded Grove : One of, could possibly be two. Allos us to get double blue/green when we need it.

1 Wooded Foothills : This is in the testing phase. I wanted to add a 5th land searching ability to make sure we are able to make use of Jace's brainstorm. It can also find us any basics we may need.

3 Island : This allows us to have near perfect Cryptic Command mana. We still want to have at least 3 of these just in case we are Blood Moon'd. 3 is a must. Never less.

2 Forest : Just like above, we need to have access to our basics. I would suggest searching for a forest early on if you feel your opponent is on a Blood Moon deck. This will allow us to use our Tribe-Elders and SfTs to get any other needed color.

1 Mountain : Just like above, we need the mountains and we like basics. Having the basic Mountain in the deck allows us to still go off with Shift in the face of a Ghost Quarter, Field of Ruin, etc.

1 Ancient Grudge : Much needed affinity hate. That deck is too fast for us and we need to be ready for them.

1 Shatterstorm : Resolving this means Affinity/Lantern control and any other artifact bases deck normally loses.

2 Dispel : For any deck with high removal/counters. Could possible be replaced by swan songs.

1 Anger of the Gods : Additional copy for small aggro decks.

1 Boseiju, Who Shelters All : Perfect agains t control. I once had two scapeshifts in hand, scapeshifted for 6 finding a Boseiju and putting the control-opponent on a one turn clock. Dirty business.

3 Obstinate Baloth : Used for decks with discard. Occasionally burn as well.

2 Chalice of the Void : One of my favorite cards. Helps us against burn, bogles, lantern, tron, and aggro mathcups. This is in the testing slot but currently I am very happy with it.

1 Crumble to Dust : Crumble to dust is the perfect weapon against Tron. One of our better matchups. Sometimes I swich this out for Spellskite and vice versa.

2 Nature's Claim : Great against artifact decks but this is mainly used for problematic enchantments like Blood Moon and Leyline of Sanctity

1 Negate : Helps us when we need something for the grindier matchups, like control. We can still hit gross enchantments and planeswalkers as well as winning a counter war.

1 Engineered Explosives : Solid sideboard MBP. We easily get 3 colors dealing with problem creatures and enchantments.


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