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Riot Riot and Riot some more

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This is a Temur Deck mostly Gruul with a splash of blur for some counters and other win con cards. I want to get out more than one Rhythm of the Wild so my creatures will Riot more than once and I can build them up with counters and give them haste if needed. Rhythm of the Wild or Hadana's Climb  , will get more +1/+1 counters on my creatures and Hadana's Climb   will be used as a win con once it flips and I can give a creature flying and double its power. This is very much a get out creatures and smash type of deck. If i get out Herald of Secret Streams all my creatures become unblockable.

My mana ramp is Incubation Druid , Llanowar Elves and getting Hadana's Climb   to flip which will not be difficult.

I also have Negate and Thrash / Threat as my removal. With Lava Coil and Lightning Strike in my sideboard.


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