RUG Combo Control

Ideally is meant to draw into the highly effective interactions of GU with the copying capability of R and the combos with creatures made possible through R.

Infinite Mana:

  1. Palinchron + Phantasmal Image

  2. Palinchron + Deadeye Navigator

Primary Win Conditions:

  1. Bounce all permanents I don't control using Capsize (requires infinite mana)

  2. Bounce all permanents I don't control using Cryptic Command + Eternal Witness + Deadeye Navigator (requires infinite mana)

  3. Deck opponent out using Blue Sun's Zenith (requires infinite mana)

  4. Bounce all permanents I don't control using Venser, Shaper Savant + Deadeye Navigator (requires infinite mana)

  5. Take infinite turns using Time Stretch and Eternal Witness + Deadeye Navigator

  6. Generate infinite tokens and swing via Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Pestermite, or Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin

Control Synergy:

  1. Deadeye Navigator + Eternal Witness (powerful recursion engine)

  2. Deadeye Navigator + Venser, Shaper Savant (bounce engine against permanents and spells)

  3. Deadeye Navigator + Mystic Snake (counterspell engine)

  4. Deadeye Navigator + Snapcaster Mage (decent recursion engine)


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I was able to trade my Jace, the Mind Sculptor for a Tropical Island so in his spot is Tamiyo for tapping down aggro and then drawing cards off them.


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