Heya! This is a rather simple deck with no combos (That I don't think), I believe it probably is a bit underpowered, feel free to leave suggestions to improve the power level! But, you don't even know what the deck is so you can't judge it quite yet.

My commander is Riku of Two Reflections mostly because I needed Temur colors and he's also pretty fun for this deck. As opposed to normal Riku decks, this is a spellslinger deck. My wincons are either casting big X-spells and copying them to close out the game, or using creatures like Talrand, Sky Summoner or Niv-Mizzet, Parun to benefit from casting spells and winning like that.

I'd deeply appreciate any feedback, especially if you think something in my Maybeboard should be in or should not be, they're just some cards I like but can't find a spot for. If it helps, there are custom categories for this deck if you click the dropdown box that says "Group" and click on "Custom". It splits the deck into what the cards do.


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