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The premise here is similar to many delver decks with a few adjustments.

Hellrider is a great card and can seriously do some damage at just 4 CMC it's a great card to curve into. In conjunction with Tandem Lookout this can net me several cards at a time before combat damage. This helps me clear potential blockers with burn spells and generally finish my opponent off.

Tandem Lookout probably the weakest of cards in the deck, but still give serious card advantage

Wurmcoil Engine this guy wreaks havoc on tempo decks and aggro decks

Sword of War and Peace helps finish my opponent off quick. Messes with their tempo and gives awesome protection.

Cavern of Souls this was a little last minute, but it ensures that either Wurmcoil Engine or Hellrider will hit the battlefield without a counter.

Geistflame - Gut Shot with flashback. Yes it's not free like gutshot, but it's a better card advantage overall as I get two uses out of it with having to use a snapcaster on it. (still trying it out, but seems like it might be a better fit then Gut Shot

Pillar of Flame this makes sure that those pesky undying creatures don't come back

Sideboard options:

Flashfreeze - one of the hardest matchups is G/R Aggro so this helps a lot

Incinerate - Wolfir Avenger is a pest and this takes care of that problem

Slagstorm - would probably like Bonfire of the Damned here but this will do just fine.

Sword of Feast and Famine takes care of the G/R aggro.

Combust - U/W delver's bane

Crush - great artifact destruction


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#9 in tournament @ Comic Store West — July 5, 2012

First Round: RDW - Won 2-1

Game 1 - He was able to burn pretty well against my delvers and such. He managed to land a stromkirk noble and I was running low on life when I finally played out Batterskull and followed up the next turn with a Wurmcoil Engine. He conceded after that.

Game 2 - I had trouble with land and getting the right cards not to mention his 2x chandra's phoenix that I had very little way to deal with. after landing a bloodthirsty stormblood berserker with a grim lavamancer on the field I was running low and nothing on my side to deal with either threat I was way behind. A couple turns later he dealt lethal.

Game 3 - Was well prepared for the phoenix and the berserkers. When Hellrider hit the battlefield it was essentially game over. The equipped Sword of War and Peace was just icing on the cake.

Second Round: Naya Pod Lost 1-2

Game 1 - This was a tight game the whole time. I'd respond to his huntmaster and strangleroot geist and he'd respond with a restoration angel. I had the serious advantage with my clencher in hand: Batterskull. Played it out and it met with an Oblivion Ring. That gone and no way of recovering it, I needed a couple answers that never came. Still close though.

Game 2 - Played out Delver of Secrets first turn flipped 2nd turn two turns later had an equipped Sword of War and Peace. I imaged his Blade Splicer twice. After that it was pretty much over.

Game 3 - Got mana starved early. Got out my Hellrider and was about to come back when he podded his Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip bringing out Zealous Conscripts he took my Hellrider and swang for 11 which was lethal.

Third Round: Esper Heartless summoning.

Game 1 - This was just an awful match in general. Opponent played VERY slow and through off my game. I proceeded to make awful mistakes the entire time, got impatient at other times. Game 1 was mine to win, unfortunately I gave it away.

Game 2 - Mana Starved. Frustrated with pace of play. Had batterskull and wurmcoil in hand, probably would have given me the game. Unfortunately he ultimated a venser and proceeded to win. (in hindsight I should have just killed venser when I had the chance, but went after him instead. Again poor playing on my part gave him the game)

Fourth Round: Opponent left with saying he was leaving, so automatic 2-0 win.*


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