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Rhox Block! (Budget+Base Deck)

Modern Aggro Budget Mono-Green



Go ahead and block me, I hope you have the life :)

Rhox was the card I based all of this off of (Obviously) because of it's ability too dominate a enemy quickly and effectively. This is not the only way too win your smaller creatures too overwhelm!

If you have any suggestions, please put them below. I really appreciate the feedback and suggestions! (Try to keep the card prices reasonable, since this is a budget deck :P))Whether you want too keep this deck as it is or change it completely, the choice is yours! The now purpose of this deck is too give you as the player a idea too work with and create something completely unique with it! I want to see how far this idea can go, so if you have any decks you've made with this, share it with me below/message and I'll link it below me!


Updates Add

Swapped out a few cards that should work faster than the rest.

Swapped out: Phytoburst(2x), Rhox(x1), terrastomper(3x), Blossoming Defense(2x)

Added: Oran-Rief Hydra(3x), Giant Growth(4x) and Wild Defiance(1x)

Giant Growth and Wild Defiance offer +6 +6 for one mana, making the combo work beautifully in this deck.

I've decided to swap out Terra Stomper for Oran-Rief Hydra simply for more damage potential. I would definitely recommend having some Stompers in the sideboard for some extra support- they really pull through against blue decks.

Thank you everyone that has posted suggestions and feed back, I really appreciate it! If you have anything else you might want me to change, post below! (Hopefully this deck gives the -make-it-your-own- feel, which is what I am aiming for.)


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