R/G Morbid Aggro-Burn Deck

Fun to play deck that focuses on using creatures as a resource to trigger the Morbid mechanic or deal extra damage to your opponent (Keldon Marauders, Orcish Hellraiser) when they die.

It includes some card draw and mana fixing with Bequeatal, Arcum’s Astrolabe, and Wild Cantor.

Packs 4x Hunger of the Howlpack to make every creature on the deck a real threat.

It uses Wild Cantor as a Mana source and also a Morbid trigger enabling to cast Brimstone Volley for 2 mana.

Nest Invader is a solid 2 drop with a decent 2/2 body that gives you an Eldrazi Spawn to trigger Morbid or also chump block.

3x Rancor to give trample to the potential 5/5 creatures.


On the sideboard it deals against: - Mono blue delver (4x Pyroblast) - Elves, Slivers, Goblins (4x Electrickery) - Fog/White, Tron decks (3x Flaring Pain) - Fat Creatures in Tron (Stonehorn Dignitary, Mnemonic Wall, Eldrazi), fastly pumped Slivers, Elves, Gary (4x Skred)

I hope you guys like it, feel free to comment.



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