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The Salt Machine: Mountains of Fun

Modern* Land Destruction Ramp RG (Gruul)



Round One: Affinity

Game One: While he came out strong, I got a turn three Madcap Experiment. However, I couldn't make contact due to a Steel Overseer and a bunch of creatures. It started to look like a 40 minute game one, since his Vault Skirge gained him tons of life (look at the rulings on Platinum Emperion on gatherer). Then he double Galvanic Blasted the Emperion, and killed me in one hit.

Game Two: Turn two Blood Moon and two Stone Rains stopped him in his tracks, clearing the way for enough turns for an Inferno Titan to beat down for the kill. Ancient Grudge ended up taking care of his one creature.

Game Three: The hand had a turn two Madcap Experiment, Natural State, and an Ancient Grudge. The Platinum Emperion smashed him down in three turns. 1-0 so far.

Round Two: Grixis Control

Game One: He countered my turn two Blood Moon and landed a turn three Tasigur, the Golden Fang. I had no answer to that, and he won over the course of a few turns.

Game Two: I kept a one-lander, and though I didn't draw a land for a turn, I slammed a Blood Moon after he tapped out for a Serum Visions. He had only fetches and shocks, leading to a Thragtusk victory. It felt pretty good to win through mana screw.

Game Three: This was an intense game. I came out strong with another turn two Blood Moon, but he had some basics and kept my creatures off of the field for a bit. We both were topdecking, and his hand started to fill up with interaction. I topdecked a Chandra, Flamecaller, and sent in for six with the elemental tokens. He EOT Lighting Bolted Chandra, then Lightning Bolt + Snapcaster Mage ed her on his turn, killing her. He also played a Tasigur, the Golden Fang. It was looking grim, and then I topdecked an Inferno Titan, hit him for two and the Snapcaster Mage for one, leaving him at three life. He didn't see an answer, and I took the match. 2-0 so far.

Round Three: Burn

Game One: I didn't know what my opponent was on since he has lots of decks. When the first Lightning Bolt came for face on turn one I realized the problem. However, a turn three Platinum Emperion shut him down for a turn until he expended three Lightning Bolt effects on it. Next turn I slammed a Thragtusk, and he scooped.

Game Two: He played a Mountain turn one and a Goblin Guide. I played an Arbor Elf and passed. He missed his second land drop and played another Goblin Guide. I took the hits, then Stone Rained his land away on my turn. He drew his card, attacked, then passed. I had some breathing room. I played land and Utopia Sprawl and passed. He drew a land, bolted face, then attacked. What with fetching and stuff, I was at one life. I drew a card... Kitchen Finks off the top! I played both that and another Stone Rain, leaving him landless again. Suddenly, he had no favorable attacks. He didn't draw a land, and passed back. I drew, played a mana dork, and passed. He was counting on a land and a bolt for the win. He drew land, and said, "It was a land... I'll bolt you for the win?" I responded by Beast Withining my own Kitchen Finks to gain two life and a 3/3 beast token. He had me at two, but with my Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and Thragtusk the next turn, he scooped it up. 3-0 on the night thus far.

Round Four: Eldrazi Tron

To be honest, I don't really remember much other than I turn two'd a Blood Moon both games with creature backup. That matchup is so very easy for the deck. I went 4-0 on the night and earned $30 for my victory.

Round One: Gifts Storm

Game One: I knew as soon as he played a Baral, Chief of Compliance that this match was going to be tough. The deck is almost always awful against Storm. I Beast Withined his first Baral, but he dropped a second and Stormed me off.

Game Two: This game I turn two Beast Withined a land, then turn three played both Blood Moon and Choke. Then I slammed a Stormbreath Dragon and killed him with the monstrosity.

Game Three: Turn two Stone Rain a land, turn three Chandra, Torch of Defiance, minusing to kill a Baral. Next turn Chandra made RR and I cast Choke into his two tapped Islands and Stone Rained his Mountain. He scooped to Inferno Titan and Stormbreath Dragon. Somehow I won! 1-0.

Round Two: Living End

Game One: I just made sure he had no lands this game. I beat him to death with huge guys and he couldn't do anything.

Game Two: He was too fast for me, and though I played a Thragtusk early, he had too much force on board to deal with.

Game Three: This was the best match of the night. He forced an early Living End for two Street Wraiths. I managed to deal with them, but by that time he had reloaded for his second one. This one got lots of power on board, but a couple of Beast Withins took care of the bigger things. I traded away my board for his, then ripped a Bonfire of the Damned off the top for X=3 to wipe his stuff except for a Monstrous Carabid. I had a beast token, and we started racing. I played a Kitchen Finks and passed back to him. He resolved his third Living End, leaving me with just a Beast token and a 2/1 Kitchen Finks. I had 18 life, he had 2. He had 24 power on board, I did not. I had 4 lands and a tapped Arbor Elf. He attacked with everything, and I blocked away his two biggest creatures, leaving me at 2 life. My hand was an Inferno Titan and a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss. I drew a card... and it was a Wooded Foothills. I windmill slammed the Inferno Titan for the win. 2-0.

Round Three: Orzhov Tokens

Game One: My hand was fine, but my draws were not. Four consecutive lands off the top put me far enough behind that I died before any real actions could be taken.

Game Two: He had to mull to four, and my hand was gas. He didn't stand a chance.

Game Three: I had to mull to five, and he had a fairly agressive hand. It was an anticlimactic end to an exciting and fun night. I went 2-1 and got $10 in credit.

Round One: Ad Nauseum

Game One: He got the god hand: 2x Lotus Bloom + lands + ad nauseum + Angel's Grace. I lost right quick.

Game Two: The same thing happened! It was unreal, he got insane hands both games. The round was over for me in about 7 minutes. A stellar start :( 0-1.

Round Two: Mono-White Hatebears

Game One: This was the same player who played Burn against me on the 4/11/17 Modern event, so I wasn't sure what deck he was on. However, it is always a good bet that this guy is on hatebears; he's been playing the deck for 4 years and it is entirely foiled out, masterpiece Aether Vials and all. Anyways, Game One is a race. I blow up a few of his lands, and then start racing with a Stormbreath Dragon. As it turns out, protection from white is quite good in this matchup. I ripped a Bonfire of the Damned to clear away most of his board, and I am able to get there with the Stormbreath Dragon.

Game Two: This game was all his. He sandbagged me at every opportunity, and just slowly and surely ate away at my life total. His deck performed exactly as it was supposed to.

Game Three: This game was a good one for me. The land destruction proved to be too much for him, and he struggled to keep up with the threats that I was bringing to bear. Once again, Stormbreath Dragon proved its worth by getting in for 16 damage before the game was out. 1-1.

Round Three: Jeskai Control

Game One: I got off to an interesting start, playing out three mana dorks and a Blood Moon. While he was trying to play through the moon, I started slamming threats out at a rate he couldn't answer. Chandra, Flamecaller into Inferno Titan is not an answerable threat while on three Mountains and an Island.

Game Two: This game was his from the very start. The hand I kept was slow, so I would have had a turn 3 Blood Moon, except he Vendilion Cliqued it away. I proceeded to flood out something fierce, and a Snapcaster Mage ended the game.

Game Three: This was a gross game. I landed a Choke on turn 2. He used Spreading Seas on a Forest to both knock off my Utopia Sprawl and keep it tapped with Choke. The next turn I played Blood Moon. At this point he is completely locked out of the game, and it was just a matter of time until I got a big threat and killed him. 2-1.

Round Four: Grixis Shadow

Game One: This was the luckiest I got all night. I played this game very poorly but somehow pulled it out. He tore my hand apart with Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize, and though I blew up some lands, he got ahead on board. I had no hand, 6 life, and I was facing down an 8/8 Death's Shadow and a Tasigur, the Golden Fang. He was tapped out. I drew my last card, knowing full well that I was definitely dead no matter what. Well, we both forgot about Bonfire of the Damned. I domed him for 7. Not much he could do.

Game Two: This game he did the exact same thing, except I didn't get obscenely lucky. He beat me quickly and efficiently. I kept another slow hand at six cards, which is probably why.

Game Three: This time I kept a good hand, and though he did Thoughtseize me on turn one, he kept a one lander against a land destruction deck. Stone Rain and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss did their job and kept him down until a Chandra, Torch of Defiance provided too much value for me for the win. 3-1 again, more prize money.

Round One: G/W Duders

Game One: It was this guy's first tournament with the deck, so it was still a little spotty. He led off strong, playing out a lot of Loxodon Smiter-type creatures and got me to one (!) life when I cast a Madcap Experiment. He obviously had no answer to it and durdled for a turn or two before getting blown out by a huge Bonfire of the Damned.

Game Two: This was a strange one. I kept a no-threat hand, banking on an Anger of the Gods and land destruction to carry me for long enough to find a threat. While Anger did some work, a sneaky Loxodon Smiter made it through the fire and started beating down. My opponent had no lands, and I had a hand full of LD. After 6 solid turns of attacking, he finally wore me down and killed me. I was just a tiny bit salty :)

Game Three: I ended up just blowing this game out of the water. While he, again, came out swinging, a bunch of land destruction paired with an Inferno Titan ended the game rather quickly. 1-0.

Round Two: Revolt Zoo

Game One: He did mean things to me! I had no real answer to the amount of permanents put onto the board in the first couple turns, and the three toughness creatures made Bonfire of the Damned for three (seven mana) unfeasable. I died real quick-like.

Game Two: Thank goodness for sideboards. I got a Kitchen Finks out on turn two and followed it up with a Stormbreath Dragon. He kept trying to find a Reckless Bushwacker to put me out of action, but ended up dumping three Burning-Tree Emissarys onto the field out of desperation. However, I had saved my Anger of the Gods in my opener, and wiped him out in one fell swoop to take the game.

Game Three: My hand was just a little too slow this time. It was double Bonfire of the Damned (feelsbadman), Birds of Paradise, Arbor Elf, Chandra, Flamecaller, and a couple of lands. He kept bolting my mana dorks though! He got enough damage through just fast enough that I couldn't land the Chandra, Flamecaller to end the game. 1-1.

Round Three: U/B(g) Tezzerator

Game One: Same opponent as my first tournament with the deck. He decided to splash green for Abrupt Decay, which, while being good in theory, is horrible against the Blood Moon deck. Game one was savage; I held him off colored sources for long enough to land a couple huge threats. He managed to assemble Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry , but I had a double Beast Within to deal with both that and the Welding Jar on the field.

Game Two: He led off with a Thoughseize, taking care of a Chandra, Torch of Defiance. I just played land for a couple turns. This is one of the few matchups where keeping a dork-less hand doesn't feel too bad at all. He got off to a strong start, but I drew both Ancient Grudges and a Beast Within to take care of a Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and some artifacts. The land destruction also kept him off of Whir of Invention for long enough to land both a Chandra, Flamecaller and a Thragtusk, effectively ending the game. 2-1

Round One: U/W Control

Game One: I got out to a good start this game, hitting land drops and mana dorks. He Path to Exiled my turn one Arbor Elf at my upkeep, so I couldn't turn two anything. He then got out enough lands to make Stone Rain fairly irrelevant. Since he didn't have much pressure on him, he tapped out for a Jace, Architect of Thought. I let it do its thing for a while, but by the time I Beast Withined it, he had gotten enough value to have an Elspeth, Sun's Champion on the field. I lost shortly thereafter.

Game Two: This was one of those games where turn two Blood Moon is just so, so good. He even got out to a good enough start with a few basics, but a quick combination of Stone Rain and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss shut him off of mana pretty much for good. I just got to beat down for the win.

Game Three: This was a dangerous keep off of a mulligan to five. It was one land, a Choke, a Chandra, Torch of Defiance, a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, and some other bombs. He led off with a basic, which he was pretty happy about. I bricked on my first draw phase, but then drew a second land on my next turn. He played his fourth land after I bricked one more time, and tapped out to play a Jace, Architect of Thought. I drew a land off of the top. He had 2x Hallowed Fountain, an Island, and a Celestial Collonade. I windmill slammed my Choke-- figuratively, of course -- and passed it over. He untapped with his single land and passed it right back. A flurry of Stone Rains kept him off of spells for the rest of the game. 1-0.

Round Two: Lantern Control


Round Three: Skred Red

Game One: I found out that this matchup is hilariously one-sided in my favor. Both decks run Blood Moon as their lockout card! However, Ponza runs LD and Skred Red doesn't. Anyways, I started out with an Arbor Elf. He nabbed it with Skred. I played another one. He Lightning Bolted it. I casted a Stone Rain. He played a land and passed back. I Mwonvuli Acid-Mossed it. He played a land. I played an Inferno Titan. He played Koth of the Hammer and untapped a Snow-Covered Mountain, making it a 4/4. I played Stone Rain on the untapped land, and he scooped to the attack from the titan.

Game Two: Even though I mulled to 5, the game played out in almost the exact same way. All that was different was that my six drop was even more unbeatable for him: Chandra, Flamecaller. 2-1 on the night.

Round One: Grixis Shadow

Game One: He led off with a fetch-shock-Thoughseize, taking my Stone Rain. I drew for my turn and played an Arbor Elf, hoping that it didn't get killed. He played his land, a fetch, then Thought Scoured himself. I topdecked a Blood Moon, and slammed it down. He didn't have the Stubborn Denial, so he fetched an Island in response. On his turn, he played a Snapcaster Mage for pressure, dropped a Polluted Mountain, and passed. I whacked his basic with a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and passed. He didn't make a play, so my stream of Timmy creatures killed him.

Game Two: I kept a sketchy hand of 1 land, a Blood Moon, a Choke, an Arbor Elf, and a Utopia Sprawl. I needed to topdeck a land over the course of two draws and also not get hand-disrupted. Lucky me, I drew a land! Turn 2 Blood Moon, turn 3 Choke, he had to discard to hand size since he literally couldn't play spells, and then he scooped.. 1-0.

Round Two: Merfolk

Game One: Well, this sucks. I got stomped. I don't have any cards purely for Merfolk in the sideboard since it is such a bad matchup. It isn't very good in this meta, so I don't expect to see it enough for it to matter, and I'm happy to take the L when I do face it. I died fast.

Game Two: I got stomped again! Wow! 1-1

Round Three: R/G Valakut

This was against a very experienced player who has been on the deck since Twin was banned. I also hadn't played against a very experienced pilot of the deck before. I was pleasantly surprised when this happened: Turn one ramp from both of us. Turn two I played a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss on his Overgrown Tomb (he is splashing black for Maelstrom Pulse and Abrupt Decay). He scooped right there.

Game Two he played first but just dropped a land. I played an Arbor Elf turn one and passed. He played Sakura-Tribe Elder and passed back. I played a Stone Rain. He cracked his elder and grabbed a basic. Then he played a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle tapped and passed. I played Mwonvuli Acid-Moss targeting his Valakut and passed back. He missed his land drop, and I played an Inferno Titan to which he had no answer. 2-1.

Round Four: U/W Control

Game One: I led off strong, playing Stone Rain onto his land on turn two, but got my Chandra, Torch of Defiance countered. We kept durdling for a bit until I stuck a Chandra, Flamecaller. It looked like GG, but then he dropped an elspeth, champion of the sun. It looked as if he was going to come back, but then I zero'd Chandra with him at 3, finding me a Bonfire of the Damned to put him down.

Game Two: Even though he Spreading Sea'd some of my lands, I played a Stormbreath Dragon on turn 4. Being U/W, he had no answer, and the monstrosity after two turns of swinging just straight killed him from 5 life. 3-1 on the night again.

Round One: Lantern Control

Game One: I was really grumpy about this pairing round one. Luckily, my opponent kept a one-lander. I was able to stick an early Blood Moon and Stone Rain effect on his land. However, I kept bricking my draws into more lands. By the time he stuck an Ensnaring Bridge, he was at 6 life from my sick Arbor Elf beats. He really almost won the game, but didn't have a Lantern of Insight on the field and I got to miracle a Bonfire of the Damned for the win.

Game Two: Lantern really got into stride this game, and though I was able to drag it out for a while, I got all of my hate cards milled or Surgical Extractioned, and I scooped to leave some time for Game 3.

Game 3: By far the most interesting of the match, I kept him off of lands for a while with a Lantern of Insight on the field, but was allowed to draw a crucial Natural State to destroy it. He got the whole rest of the lock online, but I drew a Shatterstorm which cleared his board. He drew a Lantern of Insight at 12 life and played it along with an Ensaring Bridge. I had an Ancient Grudge on top, and though he milled it, I flashed it back to hit the bridge. He had another Ensnaring Bridge on top, but no way to draw it. I stuck had an Inferno Titan on the field the last turn and so I swung in for lethal. I ended up winning this matchup through dumb luck, and I don't expect to do so again. 1-0

Round Two: U/W Control

Game One: We durdled for a while this game until he had a critical mass of basic lands. He played Detention Sphere on my pair of Blood Moons and got in for the win with a pair of Celestial Collonades and a Snapcaster Mage over the course of two turns.

Game Two: Game Two was short and violent. I led off with a flurry of LD spells leaving him reeling. The next turn I slammed a Stormbreath Dragon, to which he had no answer. It took him from 16 to 0 in 2 turns.

Game Three: I hit him with a few LD spells, and he did some card drawing. On turn 5 he tapped out, so I played Chandra, Torch of Defiance with two mana open, ticked up for RR, and blasted out a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss on his last blue source. The very next turn I ticked Chandra, Torch of Defiance up and hit a Three Ball, to which he scooped. 2-0.

Round Three: B/R Shadow of the Grave (?)

Game One: He really went off this game. I had a slightly slow start, and he picked apart my hand over the first few turns. Then he chained together a Reforge the Soul and Dark Deal and some other random discard spells with Waste Not and Shadow of the Grave. He played a Liliana of the Veil and ticked down to kill my Platinum Emperion and killed me with 2/2s.

Game Two: Really one of the most disgusting starts the deck has had. I took the play, then turn one dork, turn two Three Ball, and turn 3 and 4 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and Stone Rain. He scooped. He never got past two lands. Filthy.

Game Three: This was a kind of sucky game. He had to keep a one-lander on the play because of mulligans. He played his Mountain and passed. I played a dork. He missed his second land drop. Stone Rain hit the Mountain. He bricked his next few draws, which kind of sucked. It's one thing for your opponent not be able to cast spells because of your actions, but a whole other thing if their deck just fails them. I would almost rather lose a game of Magic than win a single player game like that. But hey, a 3-0 is a 3-0.

Round One: Goblins

Game One: He led off pretty strong, except it was a one lander. I blew it up, so he had to find a landm which slowed him down. He tapped out for another goblin of some description with me at five life. I topdecked a land, and I was able to cast a Madcap Experiment into a Platinum Emperion. He died to repeated 8/8 beats. The saddest thing for him was that he had a Goblin Grenade in hand when I played the combo.

Game Two: I think I was a half-turn too slow this game, and he ran me over before I could get a good foothold.

Game Three: This was a filthy filthy game. I went T1 Arbor Elf, T2 Kitchen Finks, T3 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, and T4 Inferno Titan. He just couldn't beat it. 1-0.

Round Two: Ad Nauseum

Game One: What a bad matchup. I resolved 4 out of 4 Mwonvuli Acid-Mosses and still lost, even after hitting him with Inferno Titans for a while. :(

Game Two: I Blood Mooned him, which slowed him down, and then Beast Withined his Lotus Bloom at upkeep. He got me to 5 life with the Beast Within token until I cast an Inferno Titan. Then he just hardcasted Lightning Storm and killed me. 1-1.

Round Three: G/W Elves

Game One: He elfed me! I T2 Blood Mooned him, which slowed him down, but he still ran me over. Ponza is just a little too slow.

Game Two: I got to do busted things to him this game with a T1 Arbor Elf, T2 Utopia Sprawl into Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, T3 Inferno Titan, which just killed him in two turns. Inferno Titan is such an all-star against all of those X/1s.

Game Three: I lost this one (spoilers), and I think it is because I mis-sideboarded. Game 2 I brought in Trinisphere because I was on the play, which was correct, meaning that I had to take out the Madcap Combo. I forgot to bring the Madcap Combo back in, since Trinisphere is not that good on the draw. It didn't end up mattering, since I didn't see any of that all three games. I tried to Anger of the Gods away his board, but he Chord of Callinged for a Burrenton Forge-Tender to prevent that damage. Then he hit me for 24 on turn 5. 1-2, and my first ever losing record with Ponza.

VS U/W Control

I led on a turn one Arbor Elf, not knowing what I was up against. He opened with a Flooded Strand, leaving it uncracked because he figured that I was on Ponza. I just played another Forest and landed a Trinisphere. Opponent cracked in response, maybe not realizing exactly what was happening. Then he read the card, and just shrugged. He figured that he was fine with just waiting a turn. I Mwonvuli Acid-Mossed him, fetching out a Stomping Ground and passed it back. He played an Island and passed. I drew a Kessig Wolf Run for turn, played it, and landed Acidic Slime, killing his island and swinging for one with the elf. The opponent, still on one land, missed his land drop and discarded to hand size. I hit him for 6 with the Acidic Slime, then passed. Opponent hit his drop, and shipped the turn back. I cast my last two spells, a pair of Stone Rain, leaving him without permanents. His graveyard was 5 lands and a Gideon Jura. He scooped, and showed me his hand of 3x Remand, 2x Serum Visions, a Detention Sphere, and a Cryptic Command.

This game really proved to me the value of 3-ball. Opponent could easily have played around Blood Moon, but instead died without ever casting a spell.

VS U/W Control (again)

This opponent was my good friend who plays exclusively blue control decks in basically every format. I believe this is the best I've ever piloted the deck against control. I took the play, casting an Arbor Elf. He then stopped me after I drew during my draw phase and Path to Exiled my elf. This meant that I had no plays this turn. My hand at this point was land, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Acidic Slime x2, and Garruk Wildspeaker. He played his land, then Search for Azcanta  Flip, a card that is quite powerful in his list and especially in this matchup. I untapped, drawing a Trinisphere. I ran out the 3-ball, thinking that it made my LD spells much better. While that was true, my opponent simply played land, cracked the fetch and played Gideon of the Trials. He emblemed and passed it over. I drew the life-saving land, and slammed my Mwonvuli Acid-Moss into his nonbasic. I fetched out a Stomping Ground and passed. He played his land for the turn, then cast a 3-mana Serum Visions. He whacked with Chad, putting me to 16, then passed. I drew a Stone Rain, but figured that it was better to play my Acidic Slime and get his lands again. He played island and hit for 4 more on his turn, putting me to 12. I drew a land, and decided to hold off on the Garruk Wildspeaker. I went for the second Acidic Slime, again aiming at his white source to keep him off Supreme Verdict. He flashed in a Snapcaster Mage in response to the target as an emergency blocker. I decided to hold off on swinging, and passed. He missed his land drop, but ticked his Chad up on one of my slimes. On my turn, I drew another Stone Rain. With opponent on 2 lands, my choice was easy. Even though it put me under a lot more pressure, I killed them both with my Stone Rains. He again missed his land, so I untapped and drew... Carnage Tyrant. I cast it, and he scooped then and there. The threat that could have staved off the Chad earlier remained uncast in my hand. I think that aiming for mana, especially with 3-ball out, is the best way to play unless you're facing lethal immediately.

VS Living End

I always like playing against Living End, since they feel so grindy. I started on the draw, and played a Birds of Paradise. He cycled end of turn, untapped, played his second Shock, and cycled twice more. I drew and played Blood Moon into his pair of nonbasics. He continued to cycle his red cyclers until he hit a basic, then cascaded into 16 power on turn four after I took a turn off to play a Utopia Sprawl. I untapped and smashed an Inferno Titan, killing an Architects of Will on the spot. He was forced to swing with his pair of Monstrous Carabid, putting me to 12. He then paid 2 life to cycle a Street Wraith, drawing a Shriekmaw and casting it for its full cost. I played a Chandra, Flamecaller, and had her suicide to kill his board. He then struggled to find another way to hit a Living End, while I untapped and played a Garruk Wildspeaker and made a 3/3 Beast. He cycled more, and hit a Demonic Dread to find his 2nd Living End and play it. My Inferno Titan whacked his creatures but died to the Shriekmaw. I topdecked in hard mode to hit my second Titan and punched another of his creatures in the face while ticking down Garruk again. He swung in, putting me to 5, but Garruk killing himself for another Beast made it impossible for the opponent to get through. I topdecked a bunch of LD in a row to hit his colored mana, then drew a Trinisphere to lock him out of his final Living End. The Titan was able to finish him off from there.

These are just a few that I thought of off the top of my head. I plan to add more soon.


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