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Partially inspired by SaffronOlive's Mono Green Forcemage deck. However this deck seeks to utilize both Groundbreaker and Ball Lightning by casting Primal Forcemage + Collected Company as quickly as possible. Below is an overview of each individual card choice:

Ball Lightning/Groundbreaker -Basically the main wincon of the deck. Neither of these are particularly good on their own, but they do a lot of damage quickly, and are pretty difficult to block. The fact that they're both 3-drops means they can be hit by Collected Company on your main phase, basically just dumping 12 damage on your opponent.

Hell's Thunder -Another good target for CoCo. A 4/4 for with Haste and evasion is no slouch, and being able to unearth for extra value makes this a close second-best to Ball Lightning and Groundbreaker.

Primal Forcemage -Besides Ball Lightning and Groundbreaker, this is the most important card in the deck. Throwing an extra 3 damage onto our main creatures is a big deal, and being able to play it on turn 2 with a mana dork makes it the perfect lead up to a Collected Company.

Noble Hierarch/Birds of Paradise -These are the two best mana dorks in modern, so that much is self-explanatory. Since we want to cast our Forcemages and CoCos ahead of schedule, these are the best way to do it. The Exalted on Hierarch is a nice touch if we whiff on a CoCo and only hit one of our big beaters.

Simian Spirit Guide -Probably the one card I'm still iffy about, truth be told. It's great at powering out quick starts, but is otherwise useless, and feels really bad to hit with CoCo.

Eternal Witness -Being able to get back a Groundbreaker/Ball Lightning can represent quite a bit of damage, and this is the best way to do it. It also gets hit by CoCo, and can actually be used to get CoCo back, which is a huge game. Only running 2 for testing, but I could potentially see a case for more.

Lightning Bolt -It kills our opponent's creature's and provides a nice little bit of reach, can't go wrong with good ol' bolt.

Atarka's Command -A good, but under-utilized modal spell. 90% of the time, we're bolting our opponent and playing an extra land. But the other two modes aren't useless, and it's so cheap that it's easy to throw onto a CoCo turn for a bit of extra damage.

Collected Company -Hits every creature in the deck. As opposed to most decks, which cast this either on opponent's end step to dodge removal, or during combat for trickiness, we want to just cast this on our main phase and swing with whatever we hit.


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