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Reworking my creature stealing tactics

Commander / EDH WB (Orzhov)


This is an old deck I modified for EDH. It worked around trying to grab other players creatures and global destruction. I was playing a fun deck based around Crypt Rats / Thrashing Wumpus to deal damage everywhere and control what I could with black and white. A fun combo of Lethal Vapors + Rats/Wumpus equiped with Scythe of the Wretched created a fun infinite death and rebirthing effect for other creatures I used like Gristle Grinner . It required some serious luck though. Now that I've converted it for EHD deck I realized ramp was becoming an issue, and basing it solely around my old combo didn't work well. Mostly the deck's still trying to find it's way, but I'm still trying to keep it in it's roots of global destruction and creature stealing.

I have some ideas of what I can swap around to make it work better, but would appreciate suggestions. I have a ~10 year gap from playing so my card knowledge is handicapped heavily =/


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