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One of my all time favorite builds. Based off of one of my older Grave Pact builds. Recently got my hands on a set and now its time for my revenge. This deck is meaner than it looks. A creature control deck that I am very fond of. Starting the game with Typhoid Rats Helps slow down potential early big attackers. Taking a little damage is alright because there are ways to get it back mid game. The main combo and engine for this build is a three card combo that includes Reassembling Skeleton, Nantuko Husk, and Pawn of Ulamog. When you sac the skeleton to the husk you get to put a 0/1 mana producing spawn on the field. by sacing it you can now bring the skeleton back with only 1 swamp. If you started the turn with five swamps and all three on the field you can sac the skeleton 6 times giving Nantuko Husk +12 +12 and an extra spawn token on the field. Total creatures sacked in this combo would be 11. Which can be brutal if either Grave Pact or Blood Artist are on the field. Harvester of Souls is a bonus. Though use of the main combo may over fill your hand causing you to discard. Also Sacrificing a creature with this deck doesn't mean the end of the creature. with Cadaver Imp , Hell's Caretaker, and Dread Return You can easily bring your creatures back. Sengir Autocrat Pairs well with Dread Return as it gives you three tokens to sacrifice anyway. Its a good way to get a quick three sacrifices while bringing back one of your main cards. Cadaver Imps are also useful if you get stuck for a few turns and have one in your hand and one in the graveyard. You can just keep playing, returning, and blocking with the Imp. As for the life gaining A Vampiric Link on the Nantuko Husk is a sneaky way to get large amounts of health playing against someone who doesn't know the deck. Otherwise he is a pretty easy target to kill. Else Harvester of Souls is a good way to get a bit of health. And if you have the blood artist out with the main combo then you should have health flowing in as you are causing the opponent pain.


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After picking up the Culling the Weak to replace Burnt Offering The speed of the deck increased. This helped in both a one vs one and a three person multiplayer. Even without the Grave Pact Out I was able to inflict substantial damage with natuko husk and Harvester of Souls early in the game. And after getting a Blood Artist I was able to suck the life from my opponents. The ability to return from the graveyard was running smoothly. Even with Planer Cleansing I was able to get most of my creatures back in a few turns. Pawn of Ulamog helped a lot with this. Giving me more mana to cast my return spells.


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