This deck is an aggressive pirate deck that focuses on Treasure. This deck started as a draft and then I added a few cards I pulled from another 3 Ixalan packs. This deck wants to be very aggressive and uses the treasure to help play more cards. This deck has lots of removal spells and focuses on killing your opponent before they can set up, alternatively, you can use Revel in Riches to win.

Ways to Win:

Combat Damage

Revel in Riches + Treasure - This deck is focused all around Treasure and Revel in Riches is a great way to win.

Lightning-Rig Crew + Other pirates - this combo gets stronger the more Lightning-Rig Crew you have and is especially lethal in multi-player games. March of the Drowned also boosts this combo by putting dead pirates back into your hand so you can play them again.

Captain Lannery Storm + Treasure - With the treasure sub-theme you normally see 4-6 treasure a game but with Captain Lannery Storm you can turn the treasure into straight damage. The trick is to attack with Captain Lannery Storm after tapping out, sacrifice all of you Treasure for removal of the defending creature then have Captain Lannery Storm punch for 2 + All of the Treasures you sacraficed.


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