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Updates Add

- Abrade
- Rebuild
- Future Sight
- Dack Fayden
- Rolling Earthquake
- Helm of Awakening
- Serum Visions
- Praetor's Grasp

+ By Force
+ Goblin Electromancer
+ Seething Song
+ Izzet Signet
+ Toxic Deluge
+ Red Elemental Blast
+ Cyclonic Rift
+ Grim Tutor
+ Ancient Tomb

Interaction card cuts: Abrade, Rebuild, Rolling Earthquake
Interaction card includes: By Force, REB, CRift, Toxic Deluge
Abrade for By Force is one of those meta swaps once again, there's more fast combo and less spheres and bears and while I do still like running a card slot for artifact destruction By Force has been performing a lot better than Abrade even when people are comboing with Paradox Engine and Isochron Scepter and the likes. Mainly the ability to cast By Force with Sol Ring or Mana Crypt mana to punish rock heavy opening 7s has been very good (imagine getting double Strip Mined) while still being a tutor target if someone is playing stax. Abrade usually wasn't even worth casting on a Sol Ring unless you were EoT-ing it.
Rolling Earthquake for Deluge, dunno it has just been better.
REB is back in mostly thanks to Mnemonic Betrayal , I haven't been a huge fan of interaction spells just for protection but "Meme Bet" being a very common card has made it a lot more relevant as an interactive spell and Red Blasts have always been very powerful if situational. Flash is another card that's been popular although not in my playgroup, however if you're trying to get ideas from my list what card to play if you see any Flash or Mnemonic Betrayal I suggest going back to two Red Blasts.
Rebuild is a deceptive interaction cut, it was mostly a weird ritual anyway and Seething Song with the addition of Bonus Round and Thousand-Year Storm has done work. Thanks to the red splash getting a lot heavier after Battlebond and Guilds of Ravnica the "red Dark Ritual" is back in.
Gas card cuts: Future Sight, Mr. Fayden, Helm, Serum Visions, Praetor's Grasp
Gas card incudes: Goblin Electromancer, Seething Song, Izzet Signet, Grim Tutor
Clearest change, Grasp -> Grim. To-hand tutors have always been valuable with Jeleva and now with BR/1kYS lines they're even more relevant, and with those lines having access to the exact cards you know you have is a lot more important than the extract effect of Praetor's Grasp. Even without PiF having an "additional copy of YawgWill" hasn't been as relevant as being able to tutor for exactly what you want as this deck is definitely more about traditional storming than "k guise I drew my combo with my Ad Nauseam, care enough to scoop?".
Future Sight, Mr. Fayden and Serum Visions got cut just for being kind of bad. I've definitely noticed a new lack of grind value after cutting Future Sight and if things slow down even a little bit it's the first card to go back in even though I'm the only person who likes the card. Dack again is just somewhat lackluster in the partners world and not only are weird dorks flying all over the place, people are playing Kraum unironically. Visions was always a bit of a filler card and after figuring out a card I'd rather play it was a clear cut. Helm got cut half thanks to Electromancer coming in and FS getting the axe, it's still a great card but not being able to play it before your combo turn can make it awkward, and read more about Electromancer in the next section.
Goblin Electromancer is in, Helm effects have always been strong and thanks to the heavier red splash I've found myself fetching for Volcanic and Badlands a lot more often. Electromancer also prevents Tymna from getting free hits in which is also very relevant.
Seething Song got covered in the interaction section.
Izzet Signet because faster decks, more Explores. Izzet Signet is also more red sources and fixes into Electromancer which is pretty good.
Land cuts, basic Island for Ancient Tomb because like I just said greedy fast mana is again pretty good. I'm still not in the camp of "Tomb is auto-include in everything" for multiple reasons but the additional Signet and overall needing to be faster instead of more grindy has been the trend. These changes have been performing incredibly in my local meta, but still keep in mind that these are still pretty unexiting changes and you should always tune your "flexible" value and interaction cards to your local meta.

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