Still tweaking a few things on this one, but the basic idea will not change from here on out (well the vast majority of cards will not change at all). The idea is to control by bouncing things around. A Reality Strobe with a Paradox Haze or two out is just mean. Reality Acid makes for great control because you can bounce it to make your opponent sac just about anything. The creatures in here all help with the bouncing or just help by being tough to deal with. Tolaria West is great because it can be used to fetch either Ancestral Visions or other lands if need be. Chronozoa is very mean if it's not dealt with quickly (I once swung with 16 copies of it). All in all, I love how this deck feels and plays!


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New record for most Chronozoa tokens!!! I had over 600 of them! It got to the point where I didn't even take the time to count them (well honestly I lost track of how many exactly I had so I stopped counting)..... And the funny thing is that I couldn't even attack with them! They would double every turn during the last upkeep of three. This left the copies continually with summoning sickness. I was a pretty big wall though.


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