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Credit to Snowmen1 for suggesting Retribution of the Ancients which is a key component to this decks success. After playing various Golgari brews over a few years, i have settled upon this version. Playing most always against decent players who run tier 1 decks, this brew is finding real success. The deck runs on a slightly aggressive tilt, but the beauty and fun of the deck is it can also function effectively on the backfoot against burn strategies, tribal like elves merfolk, and Infect. Undying and other recursive creatures like Geralf's Messenger , already afford resiliency. With Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and Retribution and Carrion Feeder you have a source of free removal, card advantage, and reach through juggling the counters on 2 undying creatures and replenishing counters with the Evolve creatures. Assassin's Trophy is a catch-all piece of removal, which is key. Planeswalkers add to the resiliency, and Vivien, Arkbow Ranger seems to be a good addition. Sideboard is tailored to her ability to search for a creature from sideboard and exile.
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