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Sen Triplets Ultimate Domination (HOD updated)

Commander / EDH* Competitive Control Counters Reanimator W/U/B (Esper)



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Hey guys! This is reanimator version of the almighty Sen Triplets. I'll keep the description short but the deck is slightly different from my multiplayer version of this commander which was mostly based on artifact ramp and stealing opponents goods. In this version (which is highly based on the Earl John Castel MTG8 original deck) I've added many more counter spells, tossed the artifact based mecanism and replaced it with cards fitting the reanimation meta. That said, all my creatures now have "enter the battlefield" effect which is pretty much effective with the actual mechanic.

Cards choice:

2014 Earl John Castel's deck was made for FR. banlist rules tournament. I wanted mine to be viable for multiplayer game with the classic EDH banlist so there's some new comers in the roster. Lets have a closer look at those:

Fellwar Stone and Chromatic Lanternas mana "of any color" rocks which I think is essential in any Triplets deck.

Entomb as its not banned in the current banlist

Hymn to Tourach pretty nasty spell I use mostly against counterspell based edh as for all my other discard cards.

Torrential Gearhulk A big Snapcaster is always welcomed

Rhystic Study is a no brainer for all blue deck in multiplayer EDH in my opinion.

Sepulchral Primordial my fav boy comes as a replacement for the most hated Iona and also push my reanimate sheme to a next level.

Tidespout Tyrant has a pretty terrific Synergy with Sen Triplets especially when an opponent has no spell in hands. I put aside the almight Jin-Gitaxias to make him some place.

sphinx of utuun, Phyrexian Metamorph, guilded drake and Baleful Strix are here simply because I love the synergy with the reanimation scheme. Spellskite works as protector and Eldrazi Displacer helps me get the maximum value of all my enter the battlefield abilities.

The game changer cardOrim's Chant is kind of an unexpected and not often played card by EDH players. I love how it breaks plans and strategies and love to use it as an accelerator for Sen Triplets abilities.

I also have less lands (38, since I only own 3 fetches cards in this deck), some differents counter spells anda bit less clear the board option. I keep try to enhance the deck power and synergy so if you have hints or ideas, hit me up!!

Comments and upvote appreciated!!

Here's the link for the original Master of the Minds build, which is my multiplayer decklist. Masters of the mind (EDH Sen Triplets)




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