"This deck was initially built around one card: Tunnel Vision. However to much of an emphasis was placed on this card and the deck; while flavorful, relied to heavily upon one card to win the game. Through much tweaking and play testing and input from various members of tappedout, I was able to develop a much more cohesive deck. Without such a heavy reliance on Tunnel Vision. I still am very found of Tunnel Vision especially for that first game you play against someone before they know the card even exists and you surprise them with a Tunnel Vision kill. However I realize that a single card, especially a sorcery can not be the one and only win condition. With this in mind I took suggestions from various members on alternate win cons and settled upon, 1) adding some beefy creatures for a long game and 2) Guile and Dovescape. Unless in a multiplayer game or I feel I am outmatched (playing this deck which is valued at under $200 against a deck that is valued at $1000+) I won't play both Guile and Dovescape; because this is such a boring way to win in a 1v1 game.

How the Deck Works

The deck works primarily by stopping threats from hitting the battle field and has a hard time dealing with threats if they are allowed to hit the battle field. Try to know what your opponent finds to be important, and don't let them cast those spells. Spells such as Extract and Jester's Cap will allow you to search (and learn) their deck and remove threats. Things to consider removing with Extract or Jester's Cap ( ulamog and/or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth are good choices because they will make winning with Tunnel Vision impossible.

Combos in the Deck

"Well obviously Tunnel Vision and cards like Condemn so you know what is on the bottom, but there are far more combos than that. Another one of my favorite combos in a multiplayer game is to kill someone with Tunnel Vision with an Undead Alchemist on the battlefield. This allows you again a potentially large army from killing someone and also acts as an additional way to deal with Ulamog and/or Kozilek (while they will still get to shuffle their library they will no longer have any creatures in it with which to kill you).

Another one of my favorite combos in the deck is Drogskol Reaver and Words of Worship. This combo is very useful for more than the obvious gain as much life as you have mana available. At times you will get cards in your hand that you don't want Teferi's Puzzle Box to eat, but what do you mean you put the cards on bottom first then draw. Yes but you also draw for the turn first then put that total on the bottom and if this first card drawn is the one you want? Well you don't get to keep that first card drawn so you use Words of Worship to not draw that first card (which you may know what that card is with Sensei's Divining Top or Crystal Ball ). Then lets say you also have a Jace's Archivist on the battlefield with both the Words of Worship and Puzzle Box, now you can decline all your draws and use Jace's Archivist to draw more cards."

Venser, the Sojourner combos with Oblivion Ring and Sundial of the Infinite allowing you to permanently deal with things. How does this work? Well you exile the O'ring with Venser then end the turn with the Sundial since Venser's ability happens at the beginning of the next end step you get your O'ring back; the ability of the O'ring that would have brought back your opponents permanent never resolves because it is exiled with the Sundial. Venser also combos with Gilded Drake since Venser states a permanent that you OWN not control, so every turn you can steal another one of their creatures. If they manage to kill the Gilded Drake or the Oblivion Ring have no fear Sun Titan is here to rescue you.

Sundial of the Infinite was mentioned earlier with Venser but it has a combo of it's own with the Mimic Vat. Create a token using the Mimic Vat and when the ability to exile the token goes onto the stack, use the Sundial to exile the ability allowing you to keep the token.

I suppose I could have mentioned this with Venser but I feel it is significant enough and possible to execute without Venser to mention on it's own. Time Stretch combo'd with Mnemonic Wall and Venser or Mistmeadow Witch, not mentioned before but as far as creatures are concerned the Witch can fulfill the same role as Venser and as such was left in the deck for redundancy. With Time Stretch you don't even have to have enough mana to go off the turn you have the pieces in place. Meaning you can Time Stretch one turn, the next turn return the Time Stretch to your hand then the following turn cast the Time Stretch again. If you have an Echo Mage level 4 prior to casting Time Stretch all the better if not oh well.

Playing the Deck

The first thing you should know about this deck is that you want to fly under the radar as much as possible in a multiplayer game and may want to wait to play the Grand Arbiter Augustin IV until later in the game due to the fact that it will probably gain you some rather significant agro from the table (depending on the other generals on the board of coarse). You have several lines of defense but try to avoid becoming overwhelmed by countering the bigger threats. Your first line of defense is your enchantments/artifact that hinder your opponents if they decide to attack you, Norn's Annex, Propaganda, Ghostly Prison. Another defense you have is Magus of the Tabernacle this will help you in the event one of your opponents if playing a token deck or running a large number of creatures. You also have a way of "tucking" enemy commanders with Proteus Staff. Saving your creatures with Crystal Shard, drawing cards Rhystic Study, Drogskol Reaver. Searching for a creature when you are in a dry spell AEthermage's Touch (and when combo'd with Echo Mage, Sundial of the Infinite, Venser, Mistmeadow Witch is even better). A particularly effective spell for this deck since you often will not have a large number of creatures on the battlefield, reigns of power. Play smart and light, don't play more than you need to win, counter only what you need to, don't make yourself seem a threat. Your goal is to sit back most of the game and only play aggressively when you can take the game.

Your Starting Hand

When deciding what hand to keep your perfect hand would be 1 islands, 1 plains, Sol Ring, Drogskol Reaver, Venser, Oblivion Ring, Sundial of the Infinite. However if you have 2 land and a Sol Ring in the opening hand keep this hand as you can then play your commander on the second turn. This will give you a huge tempo advantage and slow down your oppuent greatly. Two islands and 1 plains opening hand is always a good idea, you don't want to keep an opening hand of 2 Plains and 1 Islands though. Counter spells cost 2 Islands to play!


I would love additonal feedback. what do you like? What do you dislike? What would YOU change? Do you like the deck? Please +1 if you love Ice Cream (or even if you don't love Ice Cream)

Idea is to win by tunnel vision...based on a 60 card deck:


Updates Add

I haven't really made changes to this deck in a long time but I have removed the cards in the deck that I don't know for the most part (the ones that are to pricey anyway).

I am at 97 cards right now because I can't remember the 3 missing cards and don't have my deck with me now.

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