I recently came back to magic after quitting when new phyrexia came out and made this deck for a standard tourney this past weekend. The only decks I lost to were a heartless summoning/massacre worm combo(with phyrexian metamorphs and sheoldreds returning it to the field) and a more expensive black/white human deck(she had sorins and hero of bladeholds, and I didn't) Which I definitely recommend both, perhaps hero of bladehold instead of the overseers and sorins over the butchers cleavers.

The idea behind the deck was really humans giving themselves to demons and praying to angels in payment for protection (i.e. religion).

I put this deck together for very little in the beginning, as I've drafted quite a few of these cards and I got a playset of ravenous demons from the dark ascension pre-release, but now the expense is starting to rear its head. So far the deck has been entirely worth it and I'll be playing it each week in standard to really gauge its strengths and weaknesses.

Most of the human sac decks rely too much on the sacrifice for ravenous or an aristocrat to hold their own. I wanted to humans to be able to hold their own and have the angels and demons go forth and ravage.

I also plan on adding an elspeth to this deck when I scrounge the money together. All and all this is my favorite deck that I've put together so far in innistrad/dark ascension.

After I put this up I've really been debating what this deck really needs, one of my biggest issues was my sideboard as I hadn't put much thought in it, but now I feel as though the sideboard is where I want it to be. I stumbled upon my Phyrexian Rebirths and remembered how much I love this card for field clearing especially with a token deck on either side of the field. And I felt as though the 3 obligatory oblivion rings needed a spot.

I'll be changing it around in a bit as I'm going this week to get the maybeboard (hopefully my huge binder of trades will net me a few so I don't brutally torture my wallet). I'm still completely indecisive about what I will switch out for them though. Suggestions are always wanted and welcome.

UPDATE: 2/29 Got two heroes of bladehold(both were 13$ as they were promo versions) and sweet lord I'm in love played a few games with a few friends after work and The pressure I could keep with the it and the constant fear of it coming back with undying was incredible. Replaced the butchers cleavers with them. Will probably end up sideboarding the crusaders to put the Elspeth in.


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Deck was feeling WAY too slow in quite a few cases, removed Thraben Doomsayers and replaced with Mirran Crusaders. Also pulled two Sorin, Lord of Innistrads from a box today felt lucky as hell and put them in. Played another standard tourney tonight. Went up against a B/U spirit deck with swords of war and peace. Held up well to its pro white, but still couldn't dish out enough, did manage to handle the Geist of Saint Draft well. Lost to a Fiend Hunter/Oblivion Ring and Sun Titan deck and not a single one of my 6 creature destroy cards came to save the day. Still happy with this deck, it is evolving and it's very fun. People always comment on my Ravenous Demon  Flip/Skirsdag High Priest combo. Also gonna get a playset of the Human that prevents spells and abilities to be activated during my turn by opponents.


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