Its been a while since I brewed up a Standard deck. I give this one a shot and see what you all think. Its a Blue White Shell splashing Black. The Idea behind this deck is to abuse all the Planeswalker Especially Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Emblem.


Oath of Gideon

Early defense with the tokens. Setting up for your Planeswalkers

Wall of Resurgence

Also early Defense that combos with Planar Outburst

Your three slot for creatures are all two for ones.

Counter Magic are for early defense. You can go with hard counter like Void Shatter in main if you want too. I chose to keep my counter magic cmc with one blue due to my double white spells. (player's preference) Try to counter non-creature spells as you got Stasis Snare and Planar Outburst to deal with creatures.


Oath of Gideon online, our walkers come in with a bonus possibly letting us ulitmate one turn early.With his deck we don't really care if our planeswalkers die by creature combat. They can act as a fog. I want touch a little on Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. In this version, one of the line you can take is emblem right away. Knowing that later in the game you can Emeria Shepherd + Gideon, Ally of Zenkikar to pump out monster tokens to finish the game. Also all of our other nonland permanents with Emeria Shepherd is pretty sweet!! So understand the importance of lands late game. Now hopefully that answers your question on Evolving Wilds.

Sorin, Grim Nemesis

Is one of my ways of dealing with other planesalker. With some Gideon Emblem his ultimate might be "scoop city."

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Lets us dig through our deck. His -2 can bounce our wall back, make more or bigger elemental token, combo it with Gideon, Ally with Zendikar attack with him bounce second main cast make another token. I think you get it.

Removal Spells

I thought about it convince myself that it is worth splashing black for Anguished Unmaking just to deal with non creature permanents. Let me know if its worth it.

Planar Outburst

Clean up!!

Emeria Shepherd

She is the one that makes this deck relentless. Possibly a 2 of in main. Still debating. we got one on the sideboard if needed. Remember, if we abuse Gideon's emblem early in the game, when she comes online, she is a fatty Finisher!!!

Mainboard against creautre base decks. Sideboard against control decks. At least that's what I had in mind. Sideboard can change to your meta.

Well this is my attempt at standard. Thanks for your time, and like always have fun!!


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