I have seen a lot of Oathbreaker decks recently, so I figured I would take my own shot at brewing one. I would like to get a finalized, tuned list before I consider purchasing this, so I ask for help from the community!

For now, I shall explain the idea of this deck. It was inspired by a few modern deck themes (affinity & KCI ( Krark-Clan Ironworks - recently banned in modern).

As Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge helps give creatures & planeswalkers affinity, I needed a way to give them to my non-creature artifacts. I crammed a bunch of cost reduction effects to help in this endeavor, and it is important for this deck that everything costs as close to 0 mana as I can get.

Before continuing on with the rest of the deck, I shall explain the decision behind the Signature Spell I have chosen: Ill-Gotten Gains . Most of this deck can recur itself. I have chosen these cards to do this specifically. However, there will be circumstances where I will have lost my recur engines, or perhaps need to play a spell already in the graveyard, or even just put my hand in the grave to enable plays from my battlefield. The best part about this signature spell is that it is not meant to be relied upon, so there should not be a need to worry about its taxed costs.

Before explaining the combos & synergies, know that some of these combos require multiple cards that build on each other and redundancy is key to ensuring you have what is needed.

Ashnod's Altar // Krark-Clan Ironworks + Scrap Trawler + Junk Diver // Workshop Assistant + Myr Retriever

With Tezzeret out to reduce costs, we can achieve infinite colorless mana & get back ANY ( Scrap Trawler has a restriction on CMC, but the others that also trigger have no such limitations - so yes, ANY) other artifacts in our graveyard while doing generating said mana.

But what cards benefit from this?

  1. Walking Ballista -- (infinite damage)
  2. Lotus Petal -- (infinite colored mana)
  3. Aether Spellbomb -- (infinite draw - or bounce if you get infinite color mana)
  4. Necrogen Spellbomb -- (infinite draw - or keep opponents "hellbent")
  5. Universal Solvent -- (destroy everything your opponents control)

But mainly: Dross Scorpion to enable untap shenanigans on the death triggers. Cards with potential shenanigans include:

  1. Mox Diamond // Mox Opal -- (infinite mana)
  2. Codex Shredder -- (get anything back - or infinite mill)
  3. Sensei's Divining Top -- (infinite draw)
  4. The Chain Veil -- (infinite loyalty activations)

But the best of them all: Aetherworks Marvel -- (play everything)

Since I have just mentioned a card with energy counters, allow me to direct your attention to this card: Gonti's Aether Heart

With the above combos, we can generate infinite energy, and if The Chain Veil is on the battlefield with our infinite mana/untap combos, we play Karn, the Great Creator and achieve infinite turns!

Despite all the resiliency in this deck for protecting the cards, running no counter magic, or having little noncreature removal could prove catastrophic. Another downside to this list is that it will empty it's hand relatively quickly with limited number of actual draw effects. Sure the ones we have can be recurred indefinitely, but until the deck gets its combos rolling, more consistency is needed. It is this reason I have thought about Thoughtcast as a signature spell, but that is something that can be decided after playtesting.

So, mtg community, what are some good draw/removal options while trying to remain artifact-based? And what should be removed from this deck to make room for those, if any? What do you guys think of this concept? And should I include Bridge from Below since it fits on theme? (just kidding since it's win more, but man...the bridges)

Also, feel free to comment or +1 the deck if you like it! :)


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