While making Constancy of Mirrors ( I really wanted to experiment with Jester's Scepter -- If you keep bouncing it and exiling the top 5 cards of a deck, it mounts up quickly, let alone copying it with Mirrorworks and having enough Mana to possibly do multiple counters using it's secondary ability.

Bounce comes from the Master Transmuter and Ghostly Flicker, each bounce can be copied with Mirrorworks.

Treasure Mage can look for the Dreamstone Hadron to generate even more mana. Not sure if he's worth putting in just for that when I can cast them just as well with other cost reductions.

Etherium Sculptor keeps costs low, along with Cloud Key.

Not sure about using the Urza lands - Yay or nay? Any suggestions are appreciated!


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+3 Cloudstone Curio maybe
-3 Cloudstone Curio maybe