Welcome to another of my budget builds. This particular deck was inspired by Kaladesh block's Energy Mechanic, and as such we want to produce as much Energy as possible. To do this we will make clones to double "enter the battlefield" triggers, and double those via Panharmonicon . Then we'll spend that energy to gain advantages, alter board states, and create bigger monsters.

CMC & less

Aether Hub : Mana fixing.

Attune with Aether : More mana fixing.


Aether Theorist : Top deck manipulation.

Decoction Module : Creatures are always ETB, and their copies. Then return to make more copies.

Era of Innovation : Being artifact heavy pays off, as well as a few Artificers.

Glassblower's Puzzleknot : Top deck manipulation, fuel for Marvel.

Highspire Infusion : For that extra umph.

Servant of the Conduit : More mana fixing.

Woodweaver's Puzzleknot : Lifegain, and fuel for Marvel.

Harnessed Lightning : Can make for a really big Bolt.


Architect of the Untamed : Landfall Energy, and big tokens.

Aethertorch Renegade : Take out weenies/dorks, blast players with any extra.

Consulate Turret : Mostly for the Tap to make energy, but I mean, if someone is hanging out at 2 life...

Dynavolt Tower : Energy for spells, damage to go around.

Electrostatic Pummeler : Would be better with more Pump abilities, trample would be an asset as well. Needs to work on his resume.

Empyreal Voyager : Early evasive energy producer.

Fabrication Module : Spare mana? Make some energy!

Rogue Refiner : Card draw, good to copy a few times.

Whirler Virtuoso : Makes chump flyer artifacts.


Aetherworks Marvel : Because who doesn't like free casting?.

Bristling Hydra : Beater with protection.

Glimmer of Genius : Scry, Draw, Energize.

Peema Aether-Seer : Can net a lot of energy at the right time.

Scrapper Champion : A good target for counters.

Territorial Gorger : While it does not produce energy, it benefits greatly when we do making it an effective beater.


Confiscation Coup : That moment when you wish you had one of your opponents cards... oh wait.

Multiform Wonder : Wonderously versatile.


Aethertide Whale : Cast, copy, return, repeat.

Gonti's Aether Heart : Extra energy production, and extra turns .


Aethersquall Ancient : Board wipes with wings.

Aetherwind Basker : A beater to pour energy into.

Isochron Scepter : Our "Magic Shtick" that allows us to cast certain things "on a shtick".

Counterspell : on a shtick.

Cyclonic Rift : Can we... yes. Will we... probably not, but it could happen.

Expansion / Explosion : Turning singleton into doubleton each time you cast a spell.

Harnessed Lightning : can potentially become "tap for 3 energy", or repeatable damage.

Highspire Infusion : Pump a creature and the energy supply.

Increasing Vengeance : Increases our arsenal of available spells when you can use what your opponents cast.

Mission Briefing : Top deck manipulation, recast our spells.

Reverberate : Increases our arsenal of available spells when you can use what your opponents cast.

This section will list everything that gains us extra cards, be it ramp, draw, tokens, or copying spells.


Attune with Aether : Early ramp to get us on the go.

Brainstorm : Draw, put stuff back, maybe scry it away for better stuff, who knows.

Goblin Welder : Can trade lesser artifacts for stronger ones that have been removed, or mess around with other boards.

Sol Ring : Auto include in any deck.


Era of Innovation : If needed can pop this energy producer for a different kind of fuel. Cards in hand.

Expansion / Explosion : If only it could copy it's other half.

Farseek : Fetch a dual land? Sure!

Gruul Signet : Rock out with your Rock out.

Increasing Vengeance : Copy now, and later.

Izzet Signet : Gotta spend mana to make mana.

Rattleclaw Mystic : Dork in our colors, morph not super relevant.

Reverberate : More copying stuff.

Servant of the Conduit : Energy to make mana, mana is energy... hmmm

Simic Signet : Another rock, no more puns... sorry.

Thrummingbird : Poke someone for energy, and other counters.


Architect of the Untamed : Excess energy makes some beefy tokens.

Cultivate : More ramp for our mana intensive deck.

Fabrication Module : While not based on +1/+1 counters they are still handy especially when we make a lot of energy.

Rogue Refiner : A card for a card, copy for more.

Saheeli Rai : Her 2nd ability makes artifact tokens that synergize with other things. Her 3rd finds us stuff.

Whirler Virtuoso : Sometimes a 1/1 thopter's all you need to trigger a bunch other things.


Aetherworks Marvel : Cast free stuff, copy free stuff, win.

Flameshadow Conjuring : Create copies mostly for the ETB effects.

Glimmer of Genius : Look before draw, always fun.

Helm of the Host : Even if you'renot attacking you still create a token.

Panharmonicon : Double ETBs nets more energy, cards, and other goodies.

Primal Amulet  Flip: Counters tick up fast when casting copies with Riku.

Unexpected Results : This can be fun to copy, then hope your OG version hits a land so you can do it again.

Expansion / Explosion : Sometimes it hurts to draw cards... not me though.


Inexorable Tide : Whenever I cast spells, get an energy, and loyalty maybe, or more counters. Always fun.


Saheeli's Artistry : Fun part is it doesn't have to be one of mine.

Sunbird's Invocation : More ways of getting free stuff.


Swarm Intelligence : Does this work on Cast copies I wonder?...


Inventors' Fair : Can keep around for the lifegain or go grab a toy.

Brainstorm : Draw stuff, put stuff back, maybe scry that stuff away...


Aether Theorist : Scry for energy.

Glassblower's Puzzleknot : Scry, scry again, fuel Marvel

Mission Briefing : Cast, copy, let OG resolve first, cast OG again off copy. Surveil 6, cast a couple other things too if you can.

Nissa, Steward of Elements : top deck manipulation, ramp, and free cast, all rolled into one.


Fabricate : Our choice is usually Panharmonicon, but there are several choices.

Saheeli Rai : Scry to ping, copy artifacts temporarily.


Aetherworks Marvel : Free casting is amazing, because it saves mana to copy things with.

Glimmer of Genius : Scry before draw incase the top cards suck.

Unexpected Results : More free cast/ramp shinanighans.


Sunbird's Invocation : Only works from the hand, but still good.


Goblin Welder : Switch someone's good artifact for a lesser one.

Rapid Hybridization : Turning useful creatures to vanilla frogs.


Counterspell : Save for big stuff, or put it on the stick.

Cyclonic Rift : More like CMC, and should read "each opponent scoops". Because 9/10 that's what happens.

Harnessed Lightning : Unlimited Cosmic Power!... Itty bitty casting cost.


Aethertorch Renegade : Pokes creatures, slaps opponents.

Beast Within : Again we're trading important creatures for vanilla tokens.

Dynavolt Tower : Expensive bolts, but if we have the extra energy, why not.

Krosan Grip : Potential combo stopper with split second.


Expansion / Explosion : Hit some, git some.


Confiscation Coup : Relocation is still removalin a way.



Aethersquall Ancient : Fun to make a copy of, return everything except the copy, recast original.

As a caveat for suggestions I'd like to trade creatures for creatures and lands for lands.

Reliquary Tower & Temple of the False God : Thinking of trading for Panoramas for Architect of the Untamed and Aetherworks Marvel . Removing the tower also lowers the budget.

Beast Within : vs Reality Shift ? Exile vs Destroy, 3/3 vanilla, 2/2 manifest? Does the risk outweigh the benefits?

Electrostatic Pummeler : 3 on ETB is good and all, the ability is iffy without more focus on a "Pump" theme.

Whirler Virtuoso : Again, 3 is great. 3 for a tiny token... not so sure, though we are weak on flyers.

Helm of the Host : Repetitive but pricey cmc + equip cost wise, considering Bramble Sovereign or Second Harvest as a replacement.

Gonti's Aether Heart : Limited on energy production I think, and not really and extra turns kinda person. Nothing energy related to replace with so maybe replace with Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer or Progenitor Mimic ?

Saheeli's Artistry : vs Spelltwine ?.

Bant Panorama : Having more fetches synergize with Architect of the Untamed and Aetherworks Marvel

Jund Panorama : see above

Hull Breach : Do we need more? Probably. Can it fit? Not sure. Would be better as an instant.

Reality Shift : Another 2cmc instant for Isochron Scepter . But is the manifest too much of a risk?

Reshape : With all the free casting I'm not sure we need more tutoring.

Shielded Aether Thief : Flash blocker could be useful, as could the draw. Worth trading anything mainboard, not so sure.

Twincast : Either replace Reverberate to move away from red a bit, or find a spot for it as well.

Cackling Counterpart : Not many of these effects on board st the moment, and having flashback makes it twice as useful. Problem is it is limited to my own creatures.

Displace : Part of a Conjurer's Closet package I had tried fitting in. Think the copying is good enough for now but holding incase.

Dualcaster Mage : Spell copy on a flashy body? Tempting, but he cant be Sceptered like Reverberate .

Farhaven Elf : Ramp is always good more is better. Always a question of where to put things though.

Ghostly Flicker : Another Flicker card I had considered.

Janjeet Sentry : This one could make double use of Aetherworks Marvel or Isochron Scepter , also could potentially keep big beasts at bay.

Kodama's Reach : Again, the more the merrier.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary : More top deck manipulation, and draw if we have available.

Protean Raider : Too situational maybe?

Trap Essence : Creature specific, and requires tri colors. Worth it? Not sure.

Whir of Invention : Triple could make this difficult unless we sink more $ into the mana base. Probably always be able to cast for just that though.

Bramble Sovereign : More creature copies, can also be used politically.

Dack's Duplicate : Copy any creature with an added bonus.

Elite Arcanist : A second Isochron Scepter technically. Not limited to 2cmc, however, open to creature removal.

Fuel for the Cause : Counterspell + proliferate, worth the cost?

Illusionist's Stratagem : Another part of the Closet package.

Maulfist Doorbuster : Useful early or after a wipe maybe, but limited I feel. However, copy it few times and you could have something.

Padeem, Consul of Innovation : Kinda wish the hexproof encompassed artificers. Also our highest cost artifact right now is 6. Not sure if he has a home here. Being legendary also means no copies allowed.

Rite of Replication : The amount of energy that could be produced by this spell is insane. Highly considering.

Second Harvest : Another high consideration. If we manage to copy each of our creatures we could net a lot of energy here as well.

Spontaneous Artist : Only producing 1 energy makes it not worth copying, having 1 lonely haste enable would make me want more too.

Stunt Double : Flash in a mirror image blocker maybe.

Tezzeret's Gambit : Again, is more proliferation worth it over what's in the main?

Vizier of Many Faces : When the first copy is removed, make another. Could be handy.

Conjurer's Closet : The main part of the closet package.

Lightning Runner : No ETB energy production, extra attacks? Winmore?

Reservoir Walker : Seems kind of vanilla.

Reverse Engineer : Probably to cast most times. No other benefits though.

Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer : With all our copies tokens we can make a bunch of one thing.

Progenitor Mimic : A token each turn could be useful.

Spelltwine : Considering as an alternative to Saheeli's Artistry

Animar, Soul of Elements : Makes casting creatures cheaper so we can copy more things.


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