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Red/Blue Theros



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Ok so This is the first deck I am ever actually making and I am very new to the game so constructive critisicm is very much so encouraged.

I have been drafting a bunch and with Theros a theme I fell in love with is Red/Blue Control/burn.

I have fallen completly in love with Spellheart Chimera.This is so far what I have come up with. In proxying and playtesting I have been semi successful. A lot of times With steam augury I can also get a double effect where I get cards to my hand but I also put more instants and sorcs into my grave for Chimera.

As I said I am very very new so please any changes/construction have at it. Thanks again for your time.


Baroynx says...


This deck looks pretty solid however I would consider trying to add Curse of the Swine and Anger of the Gods and maybe even adding a planeswalker like chandra

October 10, 2013 1:16 p.m.

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