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This is me first deck post online and I've decided to put my burn deck here that I created. It pretty simplistic and is constant most of the time.

I am currently having issues on the creature side of things. Maybe RtR will provide the creatures i need, but for now I am going with this build. If anyone has a creature that would better fit this deck I am all ears.

As always suggestions are encouraged and taken highly. Any +1's also appreciated


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So I have done a moderate amount of playtesting and have to ask the question. Is having 3 Mizzium Mortars and 3 Harvest Pyre too much on creature hate? I think I could be better off adding in Thunderbolt Instead of one or the other to gain a player burn spell to work with Guttersnipe. Also Would Hellrider be a better choice over Thundermaw Hellkite? I like thundermaw alot because normally once he hits the board its game, but for the quicker win Hellrider may be a better choice. Thoughts?

But on the side note, the deck runs nicely with guttersnipe and the creatures chosen. the speed of the deck once Guttersnipe hits the board is insanely fast and I think it has alot of potential to do well.

Thanks for everyone who has commented and I appreciate any more. Keep em coming guys!

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