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This is an odd deck to sideboard for. It really wants to win in the first 2-3 turns against every deck no matter what its playing against. You have to make sure you have an explosive hand. You cannot keep a hand that does nothing. If you do, you will lose, and lose badly. If they slow you down game one you can bring in the Extra two Fireblasts, if they can gain life quick you can bring In the Third Tainted Strike and make life gain not important, that is also a good plan against aggro.

The few decks that play counters are Delver and MUC.


Out -2 Fireblast, -1 RIte of Flame, -1 Mutagenic Growth

In +4 Pyroblast Can help with early counters, but you should be able to win out before they can really mount a defense.


Out -2 Fireblast -1 Mutagenic Growth, -1 Manamorphose -1 Rite of Flame

In +4 Ingot Chewer, +1 Tainted Strike

Just in case. Free blockers are annoying. Helps get them out of the way. The Strike helps cut their life in half right away.

MBC/Tron/Delver Fiend/Slivers/GOblins/White Weenie/Hexproof/Burn/Tortured E/Boros Kitty/ Azorious Kitty,

Out - 1 Fireblast

In +1 Tainted Strike

The three Strikes make it easier to cut their life total in half.


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