Alright guys! This deck has been not only an amazing brew to pilot and a flavorful conversation piece, but also what I believe to be a major milestone in red and mono colored strategies in EDH! Goblins are an archetype that's received an incredible amount of support since Magic's inception and this deck is proof of that. This deck by a long shot is an all star in 1v1 match ups, and certainly holds its own in multi-player games and has pulled out some insane wins! Currently my record is 24 wins and 3 losses at the time of this update. Let's get right to the meat of what's happening with the deck.

The main strategy is to obviously create an appalling number of goblins and swing for more than lethal. Pretty easy concept and there's some excellent little guys to get us there. Your ideal method is to get a recruiter on board turn 2, but I've gone many games either not getting him at all, or hitting him late and still getting the win. Cards like matron and moggcatcher help! So once you get recruiter you need to top load your ringleader, Warchief, Chirurgeon, and whatever 2 other goblins suit your needs for your game. I like getting goblin wizard because with Warchief you can haste him out on curve and tap to drop another dude. Chirurgeon gives your important guys protection with regeneration and wizard has a built in protection ability. These are invaluable resources because if you have a great start by now everyone should be gunning for you. Your obvious choice is to get krenko online and start making more dudes until your opponents' heads spin. It's pretty great. If you don't get to the recruiter don't worry, there's enough card draw between the cycling cards, wheel of fortune, sensei's top, and gamble (which although hesitant at first, is a very fun card!) There's nothing like a turn 3 blood moon to get your friends to hate your guts! Anyways if you don't hit your right goblins it's okay, there's enough other cards that support each other so strongly, my own ability to weasel out a win with just some tokens and less than ideal hands has been pretty impressive.

The deck is fine tuned and I love it! Extremely versatile, hilariously entertaining to play, and the synergy is absolutely unreal! You'd be very impressed to give this deck a shot, and together we can Make Red Great Again!


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