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This deck wins through the overwhelming mass of creatures it puts out. Please give good suggestions for 1-drops to replace Stromkirk Noble. Also, Vexing Devil is a frickin beast in this deck, especially T3 with Lightning Mauler, or T4 Brimstone Volley if they take the sac.


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Additionally, Vexing Devil is quite a strong card in this deck, and here's why: in most decks, there are not enough 1-drops or creatures in general to give up the 1-spot in your curve. In this deck, Rakdos Cackler and Stromkirk Noble are your t1 plays. Vexing Devil comes out on t3 (along with Rakdos Shred-Freak or Ash Zealot), at which point your opponent will not be so eager to pay 4 life. If this guy can go out on t4 and they take the sac, you can follow with Brimstone Volley. If Hellrider can go out on t5 after that play, it's most likely gg.

My justification for Stromkirk Noble is this: as a 1/1, your opponent frequently has to choose between taking more from a Chainwalker, Devil, anything bound to Stonewright, etc, or letting the 1/1 Noble through. With that said, it has been a little bit lackluster, especially in lategame. Could sub him out for something else, or even incorporate Pyreheart Wolf or Nightbird's Clutches to Synergize with him.


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