Thought I'd try my hand at Legacy, and as a primarily Modern player I've always longed to play Stoneforge Mystic in a real deck. So this is here to remind us why she's banned. It's basically a Dead Guy Ale deck, but I threw in some red to add a little burn power into the mix.

The basic gameplan is to decimate the opponent's hands by early-game Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek to take out their combo pieces, counters, etc. Later on, Hymn to Tourach and Tidehollow Sculler can do even more damage to what's left of their hand, possibly even snagging their lands with Hymn.

Dark Confidant generates steady card advantage, and the only thing that can really hurt is Batterskull, who really won't ever come up. Even more so if you bring him out with Misty.

But what happens if the opponent still manages to sneak some bodies through? Well, you can make sure they won't get to you. Bitterblossom is on support, giving insane tempo by giving you an evasive 1/1 every turn: use it to block, or use it to hold a sword. Either way it does the job impeccably. Lingering Souls can give you more value right away for a little extra cost, but with the cheap flashback it's double the value of your average spell.

If their creature has trample or you can't get the faeiries online, you have a burn package ready to roast just about any threat you might face: and for the extra mana over a Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix makes up some of those points from Thoughtseize, Bitterblossom, Dark Confidant and the fetches. And if all else fails, turn their Swords to Plowshares.

You can even keep your opponent's fancy lands at bay with your Wastelands, which go beautifully with the low curve. When you can win on 2 mana, why not keep them there too? And Karakas will even keep those nasty Sneak n' Show decks at bay, putting their targets back to be Thoughtseize'd.

While you absolutely Shrek the opponent's plans with all of the above, you have Stoneforge Mystic waiting for the right moment to drop in and tutor up part of the kickass equipment package I've loaded into here. It has answers for just about any type of deck you might be facing. Put it on a Faerie or anything else that can hold a sword and go in for the kill.

This is my first Legacy deck, and so far I'm in love with it. Any advice more experienced players (or anyone, for that matter) can give will be appreciated. Thank you guys, and don't forget to share some love with me and hit that +1 if you like my deck.

See ya later, space cowboys.


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