Reaper King is the Lord of Cascade, ruler of the Maelstrom, and Ally to all, even by the slightest Sliver.
Although the obvious thing to my opponent's is usually I'm going to make everything a Scarecrow and then blow things up one at a time, they won't expect, or if they do you can bluff them to combo with Turntimber Ranger or play the value game and make everything a Sliver and well, outvalue. Basically if you ever combine 2 of the 3 tribes, you should kind of basically win on the spot.

I just cut some of the mana consistency, I was starting to flood out too often, so I dialed it back a tad.


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The deck is SOOO random, but extremely consistent on the mana base, which is kind of whacky to think about. No one really likes playing against, but a couple people I let borrow it, enjoyed it immensely and that's I can really ask for, really.


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