My take on the pauper Reality Acid deck-type named for Arashin Cleric, previously. The deck is originally named after Reality Acid and being able to abuse the ability of making it leave the battlefield to force the sacrifice of any permanent.

So the way I have it built is to hopefully be very synergistic of all the cards, a permanent-based control deck, all the cards compliment each other to some degree and make it an uphill struggle for your opponent to get damage in on you at all. Most of the creatures are pretty resilient to removal, and are meant to be blockers and preventative damage to stall out your opponent, and the use of Aura's like Pacifism that can really set in an opponent's sense of worth. I saw a deck using familiars to be able to loop Ghostly Flicker and Prosperous Pirates, I tried that in this deck and I always had too much extra mana and nowhere to put it, and otherwise would be sacrificing synergy to make it work.

I haven't gotten to test too much against Counterspell, Daze, or Bogles, but I predict those might make matches, a little rough. Otherwise there are a lot of great ways to abuse all the abilities of the cards presented.


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