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"Ready to make a hole in space-time?"

Unknown Casual Competitive Goblins RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick Tribal



When Unstable was released on December 8th, 2017 I attended the draft with three other people, got third place because I always had ass draws. But one thing caught my eye as I played. The fun, the oh-so much fun contraptions. I set myself to make a R/G Goblin rigger contraption deck. Here it is! The contraptions will be in the sideboard (I'll add more if the deck needs it, I don't know the intensity of the production line yet) . Ask me if you have any questions, and please, it's encouraged to leave feedback!

P.S. I haven't play tested this deck yet, I made it online, the cards for it are coming in the mail and will arrive 12/15/17-12/16/17. Also, the Secret Base is supposed to be the Goblin Explosioneers Secret Base (D). (For mountain cards, make sure you include a tree in the art)


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