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My list for a basic reanimator deck. Credit to Frank Lepore of TCGPlayer for the core of the deck.

The idea, of course, is to stall with tokens until I can Unburial Rites into a fatty. Has some fairly good synergies with Spirit and Vampire tokens. On the defensive, I could reanimate Avacyn for indestructible blockers. Sorin's emblem makes all my guys a little scarier, and Lily of course is a discard engine who also provides some removal. Flayer of the Hatebound makes this deck hilarious. Reanimate Griselbrand and I get to deal 7 damage and gain 7 life right off. Reanimate Gisela and get 10 damage. Reanimate Avacyn, you get the idea.

Based on results from testing, I'm considering removing the Flayers in favor of Vessel of Endless Rest . He's rarely out when I reanimate so I'm barely getting any use out of him. Extra mana seems to be a problem so Vessel may be a better choice, especially considering the mana-fixing ability.

This deck has the potential to perform ridiculously but that potential is rarely realized. Suggestions are welcome since I know I'm probably forgetting something (like field wipes, I know, but I really want to keep this post-cycle for the most part).


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