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I wanted to use Obzedat. I love red. This is what I came up with.

The deck is intended to go to the midgame and win there. I have a lot of removal spells to control my opponent's side of the board, and large creatures with strong abilities to try to clean house. 5 wipes mainboard, 2 more from the side. I wanted to use 2 Boros Charms to give myself some resilience against board wipes (besides Obzedat being naturally resistant to them).

I really want to try and make room for Orzhov Charm if 2/3 of it's modes would help the deck, but how do I keep my life total stable and what would I cut?

Only using 1 Thundermaw because I felt that he's more of a conditional beater than Ghost-dad, and with all the removal I didn't have room for more. If I feel like I want the deck to be more aggressive on the 5 drops, I'll add 1-2 more of them.

Not sure if I want 2 or 3 Obzedat. I want it to be fairly dependable, but I don't need to start the game with it.


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I recently saw that a similar deck to this one has taken root in Standard on modo, named Surgeon Generals. It seems to have a small contingency plan of reanimating a fattie such as Aurelia, the Warleader or Obzedat, Ghost Council. It seems like a much more efficient and refined version of this trade binder conglomerate that I made to troll my LGS, and now I wanna sleeve it up and see how the improved version runs!


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