Completely redid the deck since HoD was released and gave quite a few cool cards. Instead of revolving around cycling and discarding it's just a Soul-Scar Mage based deck with a few different -1/-1 counter cards. Ammit Eternal to me is an awesome card. It does become easier to kill because of its negative counter effect but it's three mana for a 5/5 and if you have a nest then you'll be getting tokens at least. The Scorpion God is an obvious card since it's r/b nad deals with negative counters. Magmaroth seems like a cool card in the deck since you're playing noncreature cards a lot. Earthshaker Khenra is something I just threw in because I needed a two drop and it's a nice early and late game card that goes well with Ammit Eternal to help prevent him being blocked.

For the side there's just a bunch of board wipes plus Glorybringer in case you need to switch out the double scorpion for a more aggressive five drop.

Currently considering dropping one or two Lethal Sting for other cheap damage removal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This deck only uses cards that will be standard legal when every rotates in September, which is why the deck contains so many basics. Hopefully they will get replaced by dual lands in the coming sets.


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