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R/B Aggro Pirates v1

Standard Aggro BR (Rakdos) Tribal


I wanted to build a fun and fast Aggressive Pirate deck. This is what I was able to put together with the cards I have. You may also want to check out it's other version, R/B Pirates v2.
Let’s break it down.
(Edit) This deck is also about to be a modern deck on next rotation but it still kicks ass.
(Edit) I have made an MTG:A deck out of this and it is still so good.

- Daring Buccaneer , This is a great first turn card as it gives you a 2/2 that swings turn 2.
- Rigging Runner , Drop on your second turn after attacking with your first turn DB. Now you have a 2/2 First Strike.
- Fanatical Firebrand , Because 1/1 haste is just good, and tap and sac for 1dmg!
- Dire Fleet Neckbreaker , His ability activates without him attacking.
- Captain's Hook , What’s a Pirate without his hook? +2/+0 and Menace is neat too.
- Fathom Fleet Captain , Menace Pirate that makes Menace Pirates. Yep, that is a thing.
- Captain Lannery Storm , The Finisher. Use 2 treasure and a bravado for a 10dmg swing.
- Lava Coil , Kills stuff good.
- Dire Fleet Poisoner , Kills things. Also makes other pirates bigger and kill things. All good things.
- Vraska's Contempt , The answer to Scarab God/Hazoret/Giddion/Bolas/Pheonex or anything else that just won’t just stay dead and needs to go away now.
- March of the Drowned , If one of your Pirates get killed, No Problem. Pay one get 2 Pirates back!
- Buccaneer's Bravado , If any 4/2 Pirate should go unblocked, turn that 4dmg into 10dmg. Two of those = 20dmg to the face.
- Fiery Cannonade , Good bye tokens or weenie aggro!
- Murder , Good bye creatures with power greater then 4!
- Smelt , Good bye artifacts!
Turn 1: Mtn > Daring Buccaneer
Turn 2: Smp > Swing 2dmg > Rigging Runner
Turn 3: Mtn > Captain Lannery Storm > Swing 6dmg
Turn 4: Smp > Swing -Sac 2 Treasure for Buccaneer's Bravado on Captain Lannery Storm 14dmg Win!


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