"The Light will abandon you, heroes, just as it did me..."

"Unleash sumptuous suffering, unending. Let forth a spiral of reeling torment. May very thing your enemy delights in be the tool for you to carve your vengeance." This is the impression Nekusar, the Mindrazer first had upon me. At last, a grixis general that fit with my intentions. A deck that embodied so much of what I love in this game of Magic. As such, I aim to make this deck a reflection of everything I delight in magic. I present to you my Nekusar, the Mindrazer EDH deck. This is an ever evolving deck of our dear Lich King, as I try to find new ways to end my foes and discover more things to relish in this game. Enjoy the list as it will win you games, but be warned, it won't be winning you any friends. So please, feel free to speak up with your opinions and suggestions and help me make it even more unforgettable and unbeatable.

I'm sure this is no surprise, but as with any Nekusar deck, the goal is to make your enemies choke on the very thing they cherish the most. Card draw. In this build, there are lots of card to help us do this, while maintaining balance of control and tempo.

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Pain Inducers

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Music by: Blizzard

Castle Art by: Azot



Updates Add

Reworked a lot of choices in this deck. Aiming for a more constant win using Laboratory Maniac. Cut a lot of fluff cards or cards that would impede this strategy. I suppose the end goal is to achieve a 75% build, or something close to it.

I will hopefully be adding Spire of Industry and the Zendikar fetches to this list soon.

I will update the primer sometime soon. I hope.

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