this is a budget nekusar version meant to be as efficient and competitive as possible while not being unnaffordable like my budgetless cEDH primer and decklist. this deck is meant for newer players to a Wheel of Fortune / suicide black deck that helps learn the basics of cruel control

the goal here is to create a grindy topdeck/looting game with pinging and denying draws until you can wheel for lethal damage

notable combos:

Teferi's Puzzle Box + Notion Thief

opponents draw a card, then put their hand on the bottom of their deck and YOU draw that many cards, locking your opponents out of a draw phase and drawing you enough for the win, especially scary when followed up by Windfall

speaking of Windfall , it combos extremely well when used after a Cyclonic Rift or Evacuation

infinite or lethal amounts of lifesteal and mill can be achieved using Mindcrank + Bloodchief Ascension / Duskmantle Guildmage , when Mindcrank triggers and mills a card, an online Bloodchief Ascension or an activated ability 1 from Duskmantle Guildmage then steals life and triggers mindcrank for more damage, instantly milling your opponent out and stealing 2 life per card milled.

filling your opponents graveyards with wheels, mill,and discard means that a Bojuka Bog or Rakdos Charm exiling half of their deck before you cast a Time Reversal can be game-ending

Waste Not and/or Geth's Grimoire combined with any mass wheel effect or even the grindier effects like Oppression or Pain Magnification can draw you plenty of cards to win with, while the former of the two also can produce LARGE amounts of for more spells to cast as well as an army of zombie tokens that can be used as chump blockers or for extra combat damage

Uba Mask combined with wheels ends up exiling opponents hands if they cant play an instant after your end step, you also don't care much about exile since you still win, and you can exile more of your opponents deck faster so cards like Diminishing Returns , Necropotence , Leyline of the Void , Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time are perfectly fine to run here, if you can afford it i would recommend adding Necropotence to the mix!


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