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Ravnica Wizard's Tower

Casual Casual Five Color Multiplayer


Casual Wizard's Tower in GRN and RNA.

Due to a shared library and shared graveyard in the Wizard's Tower format, library searching and mill have been removed. Jump-start cards are also not included due to possible confusion deciding who has access to the cards and who doesn't.

The deck is meant to be a fun, casual way to explore the highlights of the sets.


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70% Casual

30% Competitive

Date added 4 months
Last updated 3 months

This deck is Casual legal.

Cards 215
Avg. CMC 3.50
Tokens 1/1 Spirit, 3/3 Beast, 1/1 Thopter, 1/1 Soldier, 1/1 Bird Illusion, 2/2 Elf Knight, 4/4 Sphinx
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