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Quest Magic RPG*


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You run and run and run. I can't be late, not this time! you tell yourself. So you keep running, even as your lungs are burning. Here in the upper city of Ravnica, the air is hot and dry, and reeks of the industries' smog. You lost count of how many stairs you climbed to get to this district. You never come here. Too many Boros patrols in the area. Too many honest people here, too. You know your business would never be as lucrative here than it is down in the dark, more... private undercity reaches. Focus on the job!, you tell yourself again! Yes, focus, and run, unless you want to lose this contract! And lose it, you can't, 'cause you've already spent your advance on your gambling debts at the Orzhov Bank.

You slow down, catching your breath on the sidewalk. Now, where is this lady my client wants me to meet? She should be somewhere in this alley...

Go in the ALLEY.

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QUEST MAGIC has been created by Vincent Godin-Filion.



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