Grixis control: You've seen it in modern and standard and even some legacy but here is my version for EDH, using Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  

Bolas as a creature is pretty strong, a flying 4/4 for 4 mana and an ETB effect. Pretty good at face value. However, the goal is to flip him at the golden opportunity to get massive value from card draw, creature/planeswalker burn, creature recursion (from any GY) and the library exile to finish out the game.

As a control deck, we want to prevent an opponent(s) from resolving key cards or creating a army to bash us with.

So we have 3 main categories that the majority of our deck fits into:

1) Counter-Magic, like Mana Drain and Counterflux .

2) Removal, such as Damnation and Murderous Cut .

3) Card advantage, including Ponder and Opt .

The strong majority of the deck is focused on controlling the pod but we do have a few win-cons: Bolas ult, Kiki/Pester combo, Scarab value, Lili ult and inducing rage-quits.

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