Rats in the attic, bats in the night. Born in the fires of hell, sensitive to light.

Going tribal in pauper is hard, since there is no lords at the common level. Luckily in rats, we've got access to Pestilence Rats.

The creatures:

  1. Chittering Rats The nice tempo card in the deck. Slowing your opponent down a turn. It's reverse card draw, so it's awesome.
  2. Ravenous Rats for that old trusty black style of discarding cards.
  3. Typhoid Rats Think of this guy as a removal spell, or an attacker deterrent. He works really well with 2 of our rats on the list.
  4. Okiba-Gang Shinobi If you attack with Typhoid Rats, there's a big chance you'll be able to get this guy in with ninjutsu for all more discard effects.
  5. Crypt Rats This is a filthy card, couple it up with Vampiric Link and you have lifegain and a board wipe on a stick. Yeah he dies to the ability, but you'll have such a lead you won't care.


  1. Vampiric Link as mentioned before it's to couple up with Crypt Rats, but what if there is a pesky 5/5 creature on your opponents side? No fear, stuff it on their guy and whenever it hits you or deals damage, you gain that much life.
  2. Sign in Blood this is for card draw and if it's a lifegain match, to deck your opponent. Read the Bones & Night's Whisper are good cards but in my current meta I prefer getting my opponent to draw in stupid decks, or even to finis them off.
  3. Butcher's Glee yeah you have Grotesque Mutation but having the ability to regenerate a Crypt Rats is too good to ignore.
  4. Echoing Decay for potentially hitting multiple cards and even token strategies.
  5. Duress it's here to really piss people off with more discard.
  6. Dark Ritual there are some high cost spells and abilities in this deck, so with Dark Ritual you can have much more fun with your game, plus dropping Chittering Rats turn one is always fun. You could also run Cabal Ritual.
  7. Macabre Waltz it's here to help you get some recursion after a Crypt Rats attack.

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