So let's make some goddamn mischief.

This is made to get rats real big real quick. Hell, if I want to I can make 3 Million 3Mil/3Mil rats and twice that in mana. Fun times (for me at least).

I know Relentless Rats isn't in here. I didn't need them.



Ashnod's Altar + Marrow-Gnawer + Thornbite Staff

Make some rats, kill one off, make some mana, untap Marrow, make some rats, kill a few off, make some mana, untap Marrow...

Crypt Rats + Eldrazi Monument + NYC Subway Simulator 2017

With enough mana, everyone and everything (that isn't yours) is dead. With enough of a gap between your life and your opponents, you live and nobody else does.

Infected Vermin + Ogre Slumlord

Every creature on the field is dead. Make sure you have Eldrazi Monument up and running before this goes off.

Damnable Pact + NYC Subway Simulator 2017

"I have infinite mana. Lose infinite life and draw infinite cards. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Coat of Arms + Ichor Rats or Coat of Arms + Septic Rats

"So my rats have fear, deathtouch, flying, indestructible, and +Whatever/+Whatever. These ones also have infect. You're dead pal."


Updates Add

Removed Doom Blade , Carrion Rats , and Diseased Vermin for Whip of Erebos , Gruesome Fate , and Sidisi, Undead Vizier to make it work a bit better.

Sidisi for tutors, Whip for mass lifelink, and Gruesome Fate as a wincon for 3.

Thanks to user:Delta-117 for the Sidisi suggestion, shit's cash.

Also by some strange twist of fate I don't actually have a Doom Blade. Go figure.