Play rats, draw rats, play rats, draw rats.

35 Rat Colonies and 35 lands gives me a perfect 1:1 ratio. The rest of the deck is literally just 1) draw spells, 2) creature evasion, and 3) tutors. Anything beyond this has proven to take away from efficiency.

As long as you can start a game like this, you should be good... Turn 2: Rat. Turn 3: Shadowmage. Turn 4: Hit with Shadowmage, draw, play 2 rats.

NOTES: Brilliant Plan was printed at common in Master Edition III (online). Skyshaper was printed at common in Tempest Remastered (online).

*My play group banned Rhystic Study in Pauper EDH. It's already one of the most powerful blue cards in normal EDH. In pauper there's just not enough ways to work around it or answer it before it takes over a game.


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