Decided I needed an aggro deck and liked the feel of rats. They meshed nicely with discard so I threw this deck together the best I could.

Go for the Throat , Tyrant's Choice , and Throat Slitter add some removal, Quest for the Nihil Stone as well as Liliana's Caress and Shrieking Affliction deal damage as the rat horde builds, keeping the opponents' hand empty.

I also added Sign in Blood as a boost to my own hand, or as a six damage for 4 mana attack when used with Drainpipe Vermin, Nezumi Bone-Reader, and Liliana's Caress. Options!

Finally, what discard deck would be complete without Waste Not?

I'll admit I've never had an aggro deck before so any suggestions on how to make this faster and meaner would be welcome!


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