a gimmicky, fun deck you can bring to casual nights without feeling guilty about net-decking. After all, they are just Cats, right??

Wrong. The premise of this deck is to power up your kittens as much as possible with trainers, and then swing for ridiculous amounts of damage along side your alpha.


These are your one-drops, such as Savannah Lions and Loam Lion Get these out fast to swing hard and fast once your trainers are on the field.

Cat Trainers;

These are your overlords, such as King of the Pride and Regal Caracal . These cards will buff up your kittens and make them swing for ridiculous amounts of damage alongside the Alpha.


This card will lead the pack. In most of the games I’ve played, this bad boy was swinging for at least 8 damage, usually more. And considering he started as a 2/2, that’s impressive. The card I am talking about is Pride Sovereign . This card not only will be buffed to incredible heights, but can spawn cats as an added bonus. He will swing for 9-10 damage alongside your other cats that are swinging for 5-6 a piece, adding some extra pressure. He will be a prime target for removal, but essential during the Hunt.

The Hunt;

These are cards like Pounce and Prey Upon , that allow you to not only kill flying creatures, your greatest weakness in this deck, but also the kill the rats spawned in by Hungry Lynx , buffing up all your cats. Use and abuse these cards to take down enemy defense early, in order to make your pack unstoppable.

Well, that’s it. If you like what you see, drop a +1. If you have a suggestion (which, this being my first deck, I am sorely in need of!) drop a comment. Any nice words are appreciated.


Updates Add

While play testing, I have realized that while this is a fun kitty cat deck, it’s rather limited and hard to win with. I have added card draw and a easy turn 5 wincon. It’s slightly less on-theme with some of the spells, unless you like an Overwhelming Stampede of Cats. I made it modern legal (thus removing Hungry Lynx ) and its slightly less budget. The new version is called

Oh Drat, It’s Cat Attack! (2.0)

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