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Rashmi's Rampy Value Machine - MTGO On A Budget

1v1 Commander Battlecruiser Budget Elves G/U (Simic) Multiplayer Tempo



Go big or go home.

Play mana dorks for ramp. Play value dorks that kill stuff. Win eventually by attacking with your army of value creatures and mana dorks. Although most of the time victory is achieved by flooding the board so hard and so fast that the opponent scoops before its actually over. And just in case we also have a few end boss style creatures that can win the game single-handedly.

I have been balancing removal and control with mana and card draw engines and I think it's at a good point now. It mulligans well, it has answers for most situations, it usually can cast Rashmi on turn 3 and does crazy busted things each turn after.

It's weakness is its a bit soft to tier-1 control or stax. However vs. most average commander decks its a super powered monster that always feels like it's winning. I am constantly amazed with how much of a lopsided freaking board advantage it always gets. Your opponents will have to watch you play upwards of 5-10 spells a turn usually starting turn 5 or 6. Games spiral out of control quickly for opponents that can't stop the explosive mana production.

With a few slight variations because of banlists it's also amazing in multiplayer.

Genesis Wave is a hell of a magic card.

Recently this deck had the most epic win it's ever had...it was one of the most epic games I've ever had with any deck actually- online or in real life. I was dead on board next turn, already at 5 life, with nothing but land in hand... then for my turn I drew Genesis Wave. Even though I was dying I was however able to generate 56 mana that turn (without an infinite combo just from tapping what resources I had in play). Then instead of maxing out for a Genesis Wave I did it for 42 because my library only had 66 cards in it and I didn't want to run out of cards if I had to draw a bunch. When the Genesis Wave resolved and all of the creatures came into play I automatically drew almost every remaining card in my library until there were only TWO cards left because of all the card draw triggers that happened from Regal Force. I still had enough mana available to cast Overwhelming Stampede and the four untapped creatures that I had already in play from previous turns got an additional +12/+12 (because of Artisan of Kozilek & Great Oak Guardian) and trample to attack for the win that turn. I couldn't believe how close it all was. I almost chose 40 because it was approximately 2/3 of my remaining library. At the last second I chose 42 specifically...you know because its the meaning of life, seriously look it up. It would have likely been good enough with X=30 or 20, but I went bigger for some weird reason. It was so crazy to see it actually work out like that, I couldn't believe it had really happened.

After personally assembling infinite mana combos using this deck on Magic Online, and having to actually use it to generate mana, I decided its too annoying and boring to focus on. So I'm not really worried about adding infinite combos because I hate having to sit there and click forever to generate "infinite" mana (...most combos usually only make a few extra mana per combo loop). If this was a paper deck I would have a bunch included probably, but I enjoy using less boring ways to win online.

All suggestions must cost as few tix as possible!!


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