You take Rashmi, cram a lot of Elves into her deck and then abuse those triggers to overwhelm. This is definitely not a typical Simic EDH combo deck. However it does do what you'd expect which is protect itself with blue control while casting a lot of elves and a splash of big angry stompy things. There is a heavy emphasis on the synergy between the elves and to benefit from the rather large boards that are easy to create a solid helping of planeswalkers. While this deck is not a prototype there is still a lot of tuning in progress. I welcome all suggestions (except Sage of Hours as this is not a deck I intend to combo out with).


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Gave this deck a go versus a Jhoira of the Ghitu stompy deck and Chisei, Heart of Oceans weird but effective blue deck. All I can say is it was insane beyond anything I expected. Once Rashmi is down everything gets completely out of hand. If you can get Ezuri, Claw of Progress out with her the synergy that you get for casting the small elves or using any of the token makers is amazing. At the moment I can't envision any changes beyond swapping Thassa, God of the Sea for a better scry tool and getting Wild Pair and perhaps Leyline of Anticipation in. Elvish Piper and Yeva, Nature's Herald are definitely in consideration.


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